EYFS - St Bernadette

Environmental Centre, Eltham

We had a fantastic time on our school trip to the Environmental Centre. We explored the beautiful grounds and set our sights on many habitats. We enjoyed mini beast hunting, pond dipping and feeding the pigs!

We then designed and made our own favourite mini beasts using clay and decorated them with sticks, stones and leaves that we collected from the woods.

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Cutty Sark and National Maritime Museum

We were very excited to visit such great national treasures in Greenwich!

We initially went to see the boats on the River Thames and were very excited when we saw the Shard and the Thames River Clipper buses as they stopped at Greenwich Pier.

In the Cutty Sark, we heard the story of how the Cutty Sark got its name and how the figurehead at the front of the ship got its name of Nanny. We enjoyed dancing and playing musical instruments and then it was time to make our own figureheads after looking at the exhibition of them.

We then had a tour of the ship and played on the interactive games as well as look at the amazing view of the City of London and the River Thames from the top deck through the telescope.

After lunch, we visited the National Maritime Museum and looked at the boats which we sketched using our close observational skills. We even spotted some daffodils emerging from the grounds of the museum as we waited for the coach back to school. What a fantastic day!!

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Phonics, Maths & Healthy Eating

As part of the Early Years Framework, we thought it would be nice if parents had the opportunity to see some Phonic & Maths sessions. At the end of these sessions, parents were given resources to take home to help support their children’s reading, writing and number development.

The Maths sessions focused on fun and exciting ways of taking a smaller group of objects from a larger group of objects and finding out what is left. Children will be taught how to represent the problems in a number sentence using the correct signs.

The Phonics sessions focused on revising previously learnt Phase 3 phonemes and high frequency words. Blending and segmenting techniques were taught to enable the parent to use similar methods with the children at home. Finally, the children then practiced the phoneme learnt through reading and writing sentences with the phonemes.

We also held a Healthy Eating session for parents to work alongside the children to help make fruit smoothies and vegetable stir fry. We discussed opportunities to keep ourselves healthy by eating fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water and milk as well as keeping fit by doing lots of exercise.

What our parents thought:

"I think these sessions are eye-opening. Seeing how children interact gives me confidence my child is at the right level. Thank you for this opportunity."

"Good energy levels of all staff members. Great to see two support teachers are a permanent feature; really allows the lesson to flow. Great variations in the lesson."

"Great idea. Any opportunity to see the children in action can only be a good thing."

"Really enjoyed this session seeing my child interact in class and also get ideas on how to encourage her to write and read."


Police Visit

On 9th November we visited the school to meet the Reception class children. We were very impressed by how well behaved they were. They all interacted with us, asked lots of questions and knew lots about the Police. We hope you all enjoyed the visit and look forward to seeing the photos of you dressed in your Police uniforms. PC Sam Nye & PC David Solly.

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People Who Help Us

We had a very interesting term in FS2 learning about different people who help us. A few of them visited St Francis Class to help us learn about what they do, where they work and the types of tools they need to do their job well. The learning experience started with a visit from our ‘Lollypop Man’ Dave which was followed by a visit from a Nurse and our Premises Manager.