Year 1 - St John Bosco

St John Bosco - Woodland Farm visit

Year 1 visited Woodlands Farm on Friday 24th November.  Hannah the Education Officer greeted us and led us on a scavenger hunt whilst walking to the woods.  Children had the opportunity to observe their environment, listen to sounds and search for both man-made and natural objects. On arrival at the wood clearing children explored and discovered where mini beasts live: searching under log piles and using identification sheets and magnifying glasses to work out what they had found.

After lunch the children were taken on a guided walk around the farmyard to see the cow, pig, a Shetland pony as well as ducks, chickens and sheep. One of the highlights of the day was handling Trixie and Tufty the guinea pigs.

It was a great day out giving children the opportunity to deepen their understanding of animals and mini beasts on a real working local farm. 

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Freshwater Theatre

On Tuesday 10th October St David and St John-Bosco classes in Year 1 took part in a toy workshop.  An actor from Freshwater Theatre, took on the role of a toy expert.  The children were invited into the hall and excitedly sat around a pile of hidden toys.  The facilitator cleverly through story and drama taught the children about the history of the teddy.   The drama workshop engaged the children and their positive reactions were great to observe – we certainly have some budding actors in Year 1.

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