Parent Questionnaire 2018

Parent Questionnaire 2018

Parent's completed a questionnaire regarding their views of the School and below are some of the comments received from parents and details showing the outcome of the results:

  • Many thanks to the wonderful staff and teachers- my child is very happy at school and taught well and is well looked after. Thanks again.
  • I am very happy to have my children in this school. Academically, morally are all to standard. The head teacher and other staff are welcoming and also helpful in all situations and conditions.
  • The school is truly outstanding in everyway as far as I am concerned. The head teacher leads the way to achieving the objectives necessary to making this school outstanding in every way. The staff respond to his leadership and all the staff share the same goals of providing a first class school, where pupils are treated and looked after extremely well. The standard of teaching throughout the school appears to be of a very high standard which can only benefit and encourage the pupils to achieve great things. All the pupils appear to be so happy and eager to learn and progress. Keep up the great work.
  • The school met with me to discuss my concerns since Jan 2018 I have so far been impressed - my child talks excitedly about school and lessons and what he is learning now before he spoke mostly about lunch and playing with his friends.
  • The school and the staff are very supportive of my child in school.  My child loves school and loves and respects everyone. We feel as a family that the school is one of our support networks and a vital institution to our community especially for our child's upbringing.
  • Such a happy environment where staff and pupils actively look for and care for one another.


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