Year 3

Hornimans Museum & Gardens

Year 3 visited the Hornimans Museum on Wednesday 26th April for a 'hands on' Ancient Egyptian workshop.

They handled and studied Ancient artefacts and learnt about how Mr Horniman started his collection.

The children also had the chance to walk around the Natural History Gallery on a trail to find animals that the Egyptians used to mummify.

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Stone Age Day

Year 3 visited the Wide Horizons Centre in Eltham to discover more about the Stone Age. The children had a fantastic (if blustery day!) learning how fire was made, what cave paintings meant and how Stonehenge was built and why.

The children then had great fun creating their own cave paintings and making mini Stonehenge models from clay.

We all had a really lovely day.

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‘The Blitz’

Year 3 were warmly welcomed by the Horton Kirby Tutor called Di for a World War 2 day with a focus on The Blitz and evacuees.  The children surprised Di with their knowledge of World War 2 – thank you parents for researching the topic over the Half Term holiday. 

Every child filled out an identity card and tag and were given a gas mask to get in role to became an evacuee for the day and experience first-hand what life was really like during WW2.

 After returning from playtime Di had transformed herself into a Billeting Officer explaining that the children had been evacuated to Horton Kirby.  Our lovely willing parents, Mrs Blackmore and Mrs Kiely and Teaching Assistant, Mrs Botchey took on the role of characters from the local village who had to choose several children to live with them – checking children for clean finger nails and hair.  Adults did some great role-play!

At the end of the day the children experienced the sights and sounds of an air raid shelter on site.  A great day was had by everyone and a great opportunity for the children to immerse themselves into this half term’s History Topic.

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