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Posted on: 27/04/2020

Letter to Parents - update on 27th April 2020

Dear Parents, As we enter week 6 of school being closed, I just wanted to give you all an update of what has been happening. From week 1, the school has been open to children of Key Workers.  We have had between 5 and 10 children in daily, with 3 staff in attendance, together with staff from the kitchen providing lunch. Over the past weeks, we have continued to operate independently, catering for our children and not joining with other schools to pool our resources. We thought this decision was the right course of action to keep our children safe in these worrying times.  The children coming in have been from across all year groups.  In addition to doing their work in the Computer Suite, they have had PE and Music sessions and engaged in some independent reading. The staff spend their time helping the younger children whilst the older children have been encouraged to work in the Computer Suite on activities set by their teacher.   Home Schooling We as a school have been successful in putting in place a system that is sustainable for the period of closure. During the week before we closed, staff were given some training on how to use Google Classroom.  Since then, all teachers have been uploading work for their children and the aim of this work has been to follow year group expectations as set out in the National Curriculum. We appreciate this may not always be possible, but we are doing our utmost to put everything in place and to try and ensure the children have minimal gaps in their learning at the end of this difficult period. On the whole, it has been seamless in its implementation and children have enjoyed this new style of learning. I would like to thank you for your continued support, and we know we would not have such a high level of engagement from the children without your involvement. Please continue to find the system that  works best within your household and don’t hesitate to contact the teachers or myself if you are experiencing any difficulties logging on or submitting work.   Free School Meals – Government Voucher scheme Those OLOG families that have been eligible for the Government Scheme, have received their vouchers.  Apologies, if they have come a little late, this is purely due to the high demand nationally.   Reception 2020 The school has now received its list of the new EYFS children in readiness for our Reception class for September. In these challenging circumstances, I have asked the office staff and the Reception team to discuss alternative arrangements for their preparation to ensure this transition will go smoothly. If this affects you, we will be in touch over the coming weeks explaining the details. Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future.   Regards, Mr Small
Posted on: 1/04/2020

Letter to Parents - update on 1st April 2020

‘Stars cannot shine without darkness’ Dear Parents, In these challenging times, it is so easy to be negative and get caught up with the Government’s daily statistics and data. As we approach Holy Week, I can’t help but go out of my way to share some good news and hope in this time of crisis. I read the other day that our Postmen and Postwomen (who we wouldn’t give a second thought too), have been raising spirits with their outlandish dressing up just to give the old folk something to smile about. Or the 94-year-old great-grandmother and an 82-year-old grandfather who are amongst the 1000’s who have beaten the coronavirus and returned to their homes. With social centres closed, we read that whole communities are coming together to look out for those who are disabled or those who are struggling in this time of crisis. In Naples, people have started anonymously leaving essential food items in public spaces for others to take.  In one basket, a note was left saying – "Chi puo metta, Chi non puo prenda" - translated this means: "Those who can, leave something. Those who cannot, take something." This spirit of togetherness and unity should bring us all hope in these difficult times. A Priest friend once said ‘Stars cannot shine without darkness’. Bringing it closer to home, these past two weeks has seen our children shine in different ways. Many of you for the first time, are playing an active part in your child’s learning and are seeing first-hand how adaptable and resourceful they are. The work from many of the children has been wonderful to see, but this new way of learning has been so positive. The new interactions with their teacher and friends have been the true light in this darkness! As we begin Holy Week, let us all reflect on our faith and the values that underpins us all. Please see the link below for you all during Holy Week: Sunday Liturgy for Families - As you know, school will finish on Friday 3rd April for the Easter break and there will be no work from teachers being sent home until Tuesday 21st April. It would be good if you can continue to read with your children whenever possible. Also, feel free to go over previously uploaded work to consolidate their learning, which will remain on-line. Please note that any work which is sent through to teachers during the Easter break will NOT be marked or commented on. Yours sincerely, SEAN SMALL Head Teacher

5 Blog Posts found


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