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Posted on: 13/01/2021


Dear Parents/Carers                                                                                    We are pleased to inform you that we are now using DoodleEnglish, the award-winning homework programme, with your child’s class! Why DoodleEnglish? DoodleEnglish improves children’s confidence and ability in literacy DoodleEnglish learns what your child’s strengths and weaknesses are and creates a personalised work programme tailored around them Most importantly, it’s fun and engaging, with motivational collectables, educational games and seasonal Challenges to take part in. Follow these steps to get started Download the DoodleEnglish and the DoodleSpell apps from Ask your child to sign in using the details given by their teacher (remember, it is case sensitive!) Link your parent account by either asking your child to login to the app and tap on Grown Ups or, via Please follow the instructions in this link d-s-school-account Work with your child through the set-up phase if they are in EYFS or KS1 Let your child work through their x-a-day exercise and/or new words activity without any help - encourage them to do it independently and if they are really unsure, guess! Log in to with your Grown Ups username and password to see how your child is progressing Download the DoodleConnect app (available on iOS) or log in to the Parent Dashboard to receive progress snapshot updates Encourage your child to be within their target zone by earning their target number of stars per week. If you have any questions, please visit, speak to a member of the Doodle team by clicking on the green chat icon on the website or ask Mrs Hall. Happy Doodling! Mrs Hall
Posted on: 6/01/2021

Spring Term Newsletter January

  Dear Parents Happy New Year to you all! I hope you are all keeping safe and well despite the very difficult situation we are all facing. I am writing to inform you of the online work for your child/children during this period of partial School closure. At Our Lady of Grace we are using Google Suite for Education as our learning platform.  Many of our children will be familiar with this and know their log in details. If you experience any problems, please email your child’s class teacher.  Also refer to the article on the school Website, ‘Parents’ Guide to Google Classroom’ which will help explain how to log in to this system so that you understand the process and can help your child if needed. Each day our teaching staff will be delivering lessons to their classes which will include English, Maths, R.E. as well the foundation subjects such as Science, Geography etc. These lessons will be uploaded at 9.00am, 11.00am and 1:00pm.  We feel it is best to give the structure of a school day for our children who are learning at home. It is essential that your child logs in and undertakes the work set just as they would if they were in School. The teachers will all be following our curriculum planned for the spring term. If your child is unable to join the lesson at the set time they will be able to access the work at a later time, but will miss the interaction with their class teacher. Though the school’s success with Home Learning during the first lockdown was widely acknowledged, Home Learning is far from ideal. The teachers will endeavour to make the learning as accessible and as vibrant as they can, but over the coming weeks the children will continue to need your support and encouragement to ensure they do their very best.  Thank you all for your continued support. Yours sincerely Mr Small

4 Blog Posts found