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Posted on: November 20th 2019

Collection of Children

I just want to clarify the procedure for collecting children at the end of the school day.

Those children who go to afterschool club will be collected by the relevant afterschool providers and taken to their provision. The school has a list of all the children who attend clubs and these lists are given to class teachers on a daily basis.

If parents wish to collect their children from school but they are signed up for afterschool provision, please make sure the office is informed by lunchtime and that the afterschool provider is also informed of any change of arrangement.

For those parents who want other adults to collect their children, this must be put in writing (via letter or email) and sent to the office. The letter must include the relevant contact numbers of any adults collecting your child. This will then be put on record and passed to the class teacher.

As the school is increasing in capacity, it is now proving very difficult for the office to receive daily calls from parents informing us of a change to pick-up arrangements. However, we understand that in exceptional circumstances that a call may be necessary.

May I also remind parents that if you change any of your contact details, you must inform the office immediately.