Year 1 - St David's

Florence Nightingale Museum

St David's class had a fantastic time at the Florence Nightingale Museum, which is located close to St Thomas’ Hospital. The museum celebrates the life and work of the Lady with the Lamp.

We learnt all about the world’s most famous nurse, from her childhood to her career and beyond. We explored drama and role play by working with Florence herself in recreating her amazing stories. We even dressed up in special costumes to really get into character. Florence asked us lots of tricky questions but we had learnt a lot in school so we surprised her with our excellent knowledge.

We experienced three different workshop activities as well. We help a soldier pack a bag, drew our favourite artefacts from around the museum and found out about the history of the hospital too.

It was so much fun!

Yr 1 st david florence nov 18 1  Yr 1 st david florence nov 18 2

Yr 1 st david florence nov 18 3  Yr 1 st david florence nov 18 4