Year 5

Taster Day at St Ursula's

On Wednesday the 12th of June 2019, the Year 5 girls were invited to St Ursula's to participate in a taster day called 'Taste for Technology Day'. They were given the opportunity to work within a purpose built Design and Technology classroom with specialist teachers and take part in various hands-on activities in Textiles, Food Technology and Product Design. The girls had a fantastic day!

They made their very own plastic phone holders using a range of hand tools, utensils and machinery. The girls were particularly impressed with the laser cutter! They also had the opportunity to make hand warmers in textiles and oat biscuits in food technology. The girls were then able to take home the products they had made on the day. Thank you to St Ursula's for organising such an enjoyable event! 

St ursula 2019


Internet Safety

Year 5 were visited by some internet safety specialists! They talked to us about how to stay safe when using the internet, social networks, apps and games. We were taught an easy way to remember how to stay safe. All we need to do is think of the word SMART! Please see some examples of the posters we made which explains these SMART rules in more detail.

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Royal Observatory

In January, Year Five went on a trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park. When we first arrived, the children were taken into the planetarium.

Within the planetarium, we were taken on amazing journeys to explore and experience the wonders of the night sky in an interactive show called ‘Universe on your doorstep’. The show combined real images from spacecrafts and telescopes with advanced CGI! The children learnt about aspects of light and shadow, the Earth, Sun & Moon, forces in action, the Solar System and how we see things. At the end of the show, the children were given the opportunity to ask an active scientist at the Royal Observatory, their own questions about space. After exploring the galleries within the discovery centre, the children participated in a workshop called ‘Earth, Sun and Moon’. It was here that the children learnt more about the Earth, Sun and Moon, their relative sizes, distances, orbital periods and motion as well as aspects of light and shadows. The children were even able to use some of the bespoke equipment themselves, including a tellurium!  

Royal observatory jan 2019 1  Royal observatory jan 2019 4

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Imperial War Museum

Year Five went on a trip to the Imperial War Museum in November just before Remembrance Sunday. In Autumn 1, the children studied the events around World War One and wrote letters as soldiers from the trenches. In Religious Education, the children wrote prayers to remember the soldiers and to thank them for the sacrifices they made.

To consolidate their learning, the children were given the opportunity to visit the Imperial War Museum in London to see war through the eyes of the people who lived it. They were able to see the Weeping Window display with their own eyes - a cascade comprising several thousand handmade ceramic poppies, pouring from a high location to the ground below. The installation was originally at HM Tower of London from August to November 2014 where 888,246 poppies were displayed, one for every British or Colonial life lost at the Front during the First World War. 

The children were able to see how the war started, why it continued, how the Allies won and its impact on people’s lives across the globe. They walked through a recreated trench with a Sopwith Camel plane swooping low overhead as a Mark V Tank loomed above them! Year Five had the opportunity to observe over 1,300 objects from IWM’s collections including weapons, uniforms, diaries, keepsakes, film and art. A fantastic, educational experience had by all!

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Imw 1


Fire Brigade Talk

The London Fire Brigade- a world class fire and rescue service for London- visited Year Five in Autumn to teach the children about fire safety. The children learnt that fire kills, destroys homes and spreads quickly. Year Five were taught that smoke can be as dangerous as fire, how smoke alarms work, and how to make sure they are working properly. The children were also taught how to make fire escape plans from homes (including tower blocks), what to do if there is a fire, and how to call 999- through role play and discussions. Thank you to the LFB Education Team for paying us a visit!