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Our Lady of Grace is a small high quality Catholic Primary School. The School serves the parish of Our Lady of Grace as well as the surrounding parishes of Charlton.

We are very proud that Our Lady of Grace has established a reputation for high standards and high achievement. Our aim is not simply to provide an outstanding academic education, but to develop in our pupils an understanding of, and respect for, spiritual and moral values within a caring Christian community.



2012 – Section 48 – Catholic Inspection

‘Our Lady of Grace is an outstanding and highly effective school.’  (Section 48 Inspection, May 2012)

‘The Headteacher, supported by his Deputy and the Religious Education Co-ordinator, has admirably secured a school environment that is supportive of all involved with a shared vision that sees all valued within the school community.’

‘Teachers set high expectations of pupils to which they generally rise. In lessons observed teaching was never less than good and there were elements of very good and outstanding teaching in all lessons observed.’

2012 – Ofsted

‘This is a good school’. Pupils are known and valued well as individuals and are happy in the school’s safe and caring environment’.

‘Achievement is good. The school works effectively to meet the needs of all pupils’.

‘Teaching is good. Teachers use assessment information well to match work in lessons to pupils’ learning needs and set suitably challenging tasks’.


2011 – Local Authority Review

‘Pupils are proud of their school and relationships between them are good. There are some real strengths in personal and academic outcomes’.

2010 – Ofsted

‘I am pleased to confirm that our interim assessment shows that the school performance has been sustained and that we can defer its next inspection’

2010 – Local Authority Review

‘It is the judgement of the LA that our Lady of Grace is a Good School with many Outstanding features’.

2007 – Ofsted

‘This is a lovely school – small and very community minded’.

2007 – Catholic Ofsted

‘Our Lady of Grace is a good school with several outstanding features, particularly in regard to its care, their exemplary behaviour and the excellent relationships between all members of the school community.’ Catholic Ofsted – April 2007

Please click on this link to see a full copy of the reportOfsted 2012


Phonics – Congratulations!

We received a letter of congratulations from Nick Gibb MP, on our very high standard of achievement in our phonics check (click on the link below to view the letter in full).


The Mayor’s London School’s Gold Club 2013/14

We were delighted to have been identified as a member of the Mayor’s London School’s Gold Club – this scheme celebrates and shares the exceptional practice and achievement of schools across London. Gold Club members are schools which have ‘bucked the trend’ by achieving exceptional outcomes for all their pupils, whatever their circumstances.


We have also received letters of congratulations for our outstanding results at Key Stage 2 (please click on the link below)

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