Teaching and Learning

Statutory requirements are met in teaching the National Curriculum in all subjects. The curriculum is well balanced and enables all pupils to make good or better progress.

Where possible, outside agencies are invited in to reinforce the learning within the classroom.

As part of enriching the curriculum, the children go out on trips to various centres, museums, galleries, theatres etc.



PSHE Education helps pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage the many opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face as they grow up.

By teaching pupils to stay safe and healthy, by building self-esteem, resilience and empathy, barriers to learning can be overcome, aspirations raised and the life chances of all pupils can be improved.

  • Develop self-esteem and respect for others
  • Consider other’s needs and behaviour
  • Show empathy
  • Explore relationships with friends, family and others
  • Develop a sense of belonging


New National Curriculum 2014-15

The new curriculum has been developed to deliver the expectations of the new National Curriculum from September 2014.

The curriculum has been designed with a thematic approach for the majority of subjects. English, Maths, RE, Science and P.E. have been designed to be taught as discrete subjects, with links to topics where appropriate.

We have ensured there is full coverage of the new National Curriculum and a clear progression of skills and knowledge within each subject.

We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Phonics programme and the Oxford Reading Tree scheme books at KS1.

(Please refer to the termly Curriculum Plans section).

Should you require any further information about the Curriculum, please contact the Mr Small, Headteaacher via the school office (


Curriculum Events

Classes go out on their own individual trips which you can read about under their class heading. We also put on events for the whole school to enjoy. These are detailed below:



Year 6 SATs

Thank you to those parents attended the SATs session. Please click on the link below to see the presentation:



EYFS Phonics Workshop

Reception parents came in to watch Phonics teaching sessions in both reception classes over two days. The school uses Synthetic Phonics to develop children’s early reading and writing skills. Parents had a first-hand experience of what the sessions entail. Parents were shown different blending and segmenting techniques they can use when supporting their children at home.   

Eyfs phonics jan 18 1  Eyfs phonics jan 18 3


EYFS Maths Workshop

Addition was the focus of the parents workshop on 29th and Tuesday 30th January. Parents observed two teaching sessions where teachers used different play methods and resources to teach the concept of addition. Both sessions were well attended by parents. Feedback given by parents confirms that they found the sessions very helpful.

Eyfs maths jan 18 1  Eyfs maths jan 18 3


Maths Workshop for Parents

Thank you to all those who attended the Maths workshop this morning; there was a great turnout and lots of positive feedback! The workshop explained the new mastery approach to teaching maths that we have implemented this year. Please see Mrs Dowd if you would like any further information.

Please click on the link below to see the presentation:

Maths Mastery Presentation


Christmas Musical Showcase

The children have clearly worked incredibly hard on their musical showcase this autumn term and produced a wonderful concert for parents and the entire school to enjoy. It's wonderful to see so many children learning an instrument - a skill that will stay with them for life - and appearing to revel in it. "Last Christmas" was a clear favourite among pupils and the tribute to George Michael was particularly moving.

Steve Mac never fails to capture their imagination and the children so obviously love his lessons. He and his son deserve huge congratulations for the important role they play in the school and ensuring it had a strong musical tradition. I am looking forward to next year already. Caroline Malley, Chair of Governors


Hansel & Gretel

The whole school enjoyed the performance of Hansel & Gretel put on by Image Theatre. Some lucky pupils were chosen to take part in the production and what a great show it was!

Img 2395  Img 2409


Summer Reading Scheme

Our Lady of Grace loves a challenge! Especially one which involves reading!

These children go along to their local libraries all the time. During the summer holidays, they read 6 library books and completed a series of fun tasks. Well done to our fantastic readers!




Sports Day

On your marks... What a great sports day we had!

Firstly a big thank you to all the parents who helped walk the children up to Blackheath Rugby Club from our new school - we really appreciated it.

The children had a great time running, skipping, jumping, balancing bean bags on their heads, wheelbarrow racing and trying not to drop their egg on their spoons!

Well done to all the children (and parents) for taking part.

Dscn0442  Dscn0447

Dscn0452  Dscn0458

Dscn0472  Dscn0473

Dscn0467  Dscn0457


Maths Day

On Wednesday 22nd February we held a maths workshop for the children.

The children were paired up and had great fun solving a wide range of problems using the skills they have learnt. It was lovely to see the children having so much fun, working hard and using fantastic mathematical vocabulary!

A big thank you to Mrs Steenkamp for arranging the day; we look forward to next year! 

Img 0176  Img 0223

Img 0217  Img 0287

Img 0277 Img 0294


English Workshops

A HUGE thank you to those parents who came to the English 'taster' sessions in Years 1, 2, 3 and 6.

The teacher's in each of these classes had invited parents to observe the teaching of writing and, judging by the comments left at the Reception office, they were very successful.

We will be continuing to offer 'taster' sessions in other classes and other curriculum areas later in the year.


'Beauty and the Beast'

The whole school watched and took part in a production of Beauty and the Beast which was put on by Image Theatre. They were completely enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Img 8835  Img 8883

Img 8916  Img 8929



On your marks....

Get set... GO!! What another really successful sports day!

The clouds were looming and there were grey skies overhead but that did not stop the children having a fun afternoon running, skipping, jumping, balancing bean bags on their heads, as well as the old favourites - egg and spoon and wheelbarrow races.

Well done to all the children (and parents) for taking part.

Img 7733  Img 7746

Img 7755  Img 7761

Img 7762  Img 7769


The Big Friendly Read

On 30th June Katie, a Greenwich Librarian, came to talk to us about the Summer Reading Challenge.

It was really impressive to see how many of our pupils are already members of the Library - so well done to them!

Your local library will explain the process but essentially our children will read 6 library books and each one will receive a medal to celebrate their achievement. Do please encourage your child to be part of this.


World Book Day

What an enterprising bunch we are at OLOG! At 8.55am the playground was filled with Wolves, Princesses, Harry Potters, Monsters and an enormous range of book characters. The staff joined in the fun and we all enjoyed ourselves!

Thank you so much children and parents for the effort you put into World Book Day.

Book day   Book day 3

Book day 2



We were delighted to welcome back students from Trinity Laban in Greenwich. Instead of bringing musical instruments they entertained us with their musical voices! Such a treat to listen to their wonderful tunes and learn about how to use our singing voices. Thank you and we're really looking forward to another great visit!


Maths Week

Last week, Our Lady of Grace held our third annual Maths Week. They enjoyed a series of practical activities which included a problem solving day, board games and looking at the plans for our new school. Children were encouraged to see that there are numbers and maths all around us.

We invited Plumstead Manor Sixth Form students to come and help us with our problem solving day in the hall. Children said that they had a fun without realising that they were developing maths skills.

Sam 1792   Sam 1800


Fire, Fire!

How excited the children in KS1 were when the Fire-fighters from East Greenwich station came to visit with their engine. They learnt how the various pieces of equipment are used and even had a go at operating the hose – what great fun!

Img 3068   Img 3114


Puzzle Day

Our Lady of Grace invited the Happy Puzzle Company to put on a puzzle solving day for the whole school. The children had a lot of fun trying to solve all the problems that they were set.

Here is what they said about the experience:

Sofija, Yr2: It helped our confidence with Maths

Tiana, Yr5:  Six minds were better than one.

Dominic, Yr4: It was good to work as a team and help each other.

Samuel, Yr 1: We enjoyed balancing the penguins!

Lilly, Yr2: We had to explain our ideas.

Reception: We had to count to 10 and work as a team to solve problems.

Year 3: We had to work together as a team and listen to each other.

Sam 1441   Sam 1409


Design and Technology workshop

Paul Newham from the Ivydale Science and Technology Service visited Our Lady of Grace to teach three Design and Technology workshops.

Year 2 had the opportunity to make a moving vehicle. The children designed and assembled their bus using a range of materials.  The children all enjoyed the session.

Year 5 had the challenging brief of making an electric fan boat which linked with their class topic rivers. Children couldn’t quite believe that they could make such a sophisticated model as Rachel reported, “I thought I couldn’t do it. I tried and tried and then I got it.”

The Year 6 class had the opportunity to make a World War 2 Spitfire which linked with their history topic. The children enjoyed working with a range of materials and tools. To sum up the day Rory said, “It was fun, it was exciting and it was new.” We all hope that Paul visits us again.

Img 4872   Sam 1086


Fire Safety

The London Fire Brigade Education Team visited children in Years 2 and 5 and spoke to them about Fire Safety in the home, how to prevent fires and the importance of smoke alarms and how to get out safely if a fire starts.


Macbeth: Workshops

A huge thank you to the Young Shakespeare Company! Our Years 5 and 6 found the session enthralling and it is proving to be a wonderful starting point for what, I’m sure, will be exciting and imaginative pieces of writing!

“It was really dramatic and that made the effects seem more life-like” – Isobel, Year 6

“The acting was very good and they portrayed the characters really well.” –Nicole, Year 6

“The sword fighting was really well done. It seemed as though they were fighting for real.” – Charlie, Year 6

“They put passion into it. It must have been a lot of work.” – Finn, Year 6

Sam 0740   Sam 0729



Musical Showcase

Father Joseph (visiting from St Anne’s School, Uganda) – I use this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the cordial hospitality and welcome you extended to me last Tuesday! I experienced a real honest welcome from you, from your staff and from your pupils!

The musical presentations were another admirable treat! I wanted to capture and stay with every moment of it!

Considering the hospitality and the variety of learning experiences offered, of which the beautiful musical presentations were only a sample, it is only natural that OLOG School was rated among the best five!

I wish you many more of God’s Blessings!


Bond…. Denis Bond

On  11th February KS2 were in for a real treat. The writer Denis Bond came to show us lots of different ways into story writing. He gave us (both the children and staff) some really useful tips, especially about describing characters within the story. “Just drip, drip, drip information about your character to the reader. Don’t reveal everything straight away,” he told us.

His preliminary talk, followed by a workshop, was packed with anecdotes and humour. We all loved it – hopefully he’ll come back again!

“It was amazing!” - Isobel    

“He was inspiring” - Millie

“It was a great experience” – Charlie

“He was funny!” – Jack

“I thought he was brilliant” – Tom


Maths Week & Numeracy Workshop

In our continued efforts to raise the profile of Numeracy throughout the school, we held a ‘Maths Week’ where throughout the week children took part in a variety of activities and were given opportunities to problem solve, work collaboratively and test their Mental Maths skills.

We held a ‘Maths Workshop’ for parents which was designed to demonstrate how they can best support their child with Numeracy work at home and we also put on a puzzle day for the whole school, which was hosted by our specialist Maths teacher, Amanda Steenkamp.

Below are some comments from our parents following this:

“Thank you! Mrs Steenkamp delivered a really inspiring session, I absolutely loved it. It was a great chance to pause and reflect upon how we approach our Maths work at home.”

“Very useful and I want to thank the time and effort the school and teachers are investing doing workshops like this for the benefit of the kids.”

“It made me think how to approach homework – to see how the teacher taught the maths, letting the child work it through etc, empowering the child.”

“Very informative. Have learnt interesting things to do with my son.”

“Great ideas. I personally find it challenging to help my child with maths homework but with this workshop, I have learnt tips of how to help my child and build his confidence.”

We even appeared in the Greenwich Times – see article below:


Super Sonic Workshops!

Yesterday, children in Year 3, 4 and 5 attended music workshops run by students from Trinity Laban in Greenwich. The musicians brought their instruments into school (this wasn’t easy for Louis with his double bass!) and delighted us all by playing a wide range of music, from the Harry Potter theme to Irish jigs and reels. Having the opportunity to listen to so many instruments was great fun and a wonderful experience for the children. We’re really grateful to the students and have asked them to come again.


Steelpan Workshop – the sound of the Caribbean comes to Charlton!

Our Lady of Grace invited back the Steelpan Agency on Monday 23rd June.  After their successful interactive performance in October of last year we thought it would be great for every child in the school to experience playing a steelpan.

Shareen the Director of the Steelpan Agency single-handedly led fourteen amazing workshops throughout the day.  Each session included information about the history of the steelpan and then each child had the chance to learn a melodic/rhythmic tune in a small group.  Shareen had an excellent rapport with the children. The children engaged well, worked well together and enjoyed being able to play a short piece by the end – a feeling of great achievement.  There is something about the distinct sound of the steelpans that engages and brings people together to enjoy.

Thank you to the PTFA for supporting this special event.

Tom, Year 3 – “I enjoyed the steel pans because they were exciting and we got to play them”.

Sam 5678



What a wonderful day I had with Year 6 on the first ever trip abroad for pupils at Our Lady of Grace! Even with a very early start, setting off at 6.30am, their excitement and enthusiasm lasted throughout the day. The children were wonderful and enjoyed the whole experience, practising their French along the way. A real treat and a lovely way to finish their time at Our Lady of Grace – it’s a day I will always remember too! Anna Sully, Governor

What the children thought:

“The beach was absolutely massive!” – Katie

“Lots of historic places to visit” – Harriet

“The view from Cap Blanc Nez was stunning” – Precious

“The Cathedral of Notre Dame was beautiful” – Simone

“You really should visit the Ramparts in the Old Town” – Jamaal



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