P.E Uniform


Grey trousers (long or short)
White shirt
Red school jumper*
Grey / red school tie*
Grey socks
Black shoes
Red School Coat* or dark blue overcoat or anorak

School bookbag / school rucksack 


Grey skirt or pinafore
White blouse
Red school cardigan*
Grey / red school tie*
Red / grey tights (winter)
Black shoes
Red checked dress and white socks (summer)
Red School Coat* or dark blue overcoat or anorak

School bookbag / school rucksack

P.E. Kit – boys and girls

Royal blue school shorts*
White school T-shirt*
Black Plimsolls or trainers - plain in design
Navy or black tracksuit (for outdoor P.E. in winter)
to be kept in the appropriate school P.E. bag*

Please note: No football shirts to be worn during P.E. times.
*available to buy from the school office

All items of clothing and footwear need to be clearly labelled. As we have P.E. lessons on some days, it is useful if most items of clothing are manageable and that your child is used to getting dressed and undressed by him / herself.



No jewellery is allowed to be worn in school.

Hair styles

Girls – We encourage hair to be worn neatly at all times and tied back if long. Hairbands need to be plain in colour (red or black) and simple in design, as they serve to keep hair out of a child's face.

Boys – The school does not allow designs or lines cut in for boys and we ask that fringes are cut above the eyebrow and if shoulder length, hair needs to be tied back.

Coats & School Bags

Outdoor coats/jackets should be plain in design and either red, black or navy blue. All children should have a school bookbag which will be put in their tray during the day and only use school rucksacks (optional). Both can be purchased from the school office.


Sandals/shoes worn to school should be safe, sturdy and appropriate for school and playtimes (boots or trainers are not permitted to be worn around school).


Title Date  
Uniform Price List 01st May 2017 Download