Clubs and Activities

At Our Lady of Grace we actively encourage children to become involved in extra curriculuar activities be it during or after school.

Extra curricular activities that run during the school day are Guitar, Piano and French. Clubs that run after-school include ActivKids, French, Football, Dance, Cricket, Netball/Basketball and Theatrebugs.




Groups lessons are held in school each week with Steve and the children perform to parents and local residents throughout the year. They also perform to the residents at St Joseph's Court every Christmas.


Children have individual tuition lessons each week.


Children throughout the school undertake French lessons on a weekly basis. They interviewed Mr Small and other members of staff and produced a wonderful newsletter for all the children.



After-School clubs held at Our Lady of Grace include:

ActivKids (KS1)

The Activkids physical activity programme is designed to encourage children to lead an active lifestyle by mixing together play, games and exercise.

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Dance Club (KS2)

Our aim of the dance club is to encourage children to have fun, whilst learning the fundamentals of dance and also keeping fit.

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French (KS1 & KS2)

Children from Years 2 to Year 6 can learn French in a fun and exciting way through activities, games and role-play.

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Football (KS1)

Boys and Girls in KS1 really enjoy the fun football coaching which encourages them to be active and helps them develop a range of skills.

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Cricket (KS2)

The children enjoy learning the rules of cricket and taking part in tournaments with other schools within Greenwich.

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Theatrebugs (FS2 & Yr 1)

Theatrebugs incorporates games, drama, song and dance into a fun club with different themes each term. These activities help the children improve their focus, vocabulary, confidence and imagination.

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At the end of term the children hold a performance to their parents:

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Netball/Basketball (KS2)

Children love taking part and learning the rules of netball and basketball. This sports helps the children learn about teamwork amongst many other skills.

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