Year Six

Homework Topic – Year 6: St Patrick

Dear Parents,

As you know May 8th is ‘SATs Week’ and until then we will continue to concentrate on ensuring that the children are well prepared for the tests and raring to go!

Please remember that the expectations have been raised in all subjects, so any additional support you can give to your child will be invaluable.

In order to help your child at home and if you have access to a computer (if not, the library will be useful) we would recommend the following websites:


  • UCL Grammar KS2
  • SATS 2016 Arithmetic

If your child worked on these for 30 minutes each evening - alongside the homework sent from School, it would be of real benefit to him/her. 

After SATs we will be spending much more time on developing the children’s research skills and working on tasks which promote independent learning.  Lots of our time will be spent on History, Geography and Science – we will be covering The Monarchs and Electricity. We will continue to devote the statutory time allocation to core subjects.

In Religion we will be following ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’ series and focusing on the work of the Apostles.

As part of their Secondary Transfer Programme, Year 6 will be very much involved in PSHE work which will encourage independence and promote confidence as they move on to Year 7. This will include support from outside agencies including our School Nurse.

Please encourage your child to use the local library – to visit the parks and landmarks of London and to continue to study hard and hand homework in on time. Also, do remember that even fluent readers need an audience so please read with your child regularly. It really is no coincidence that our most fluent and able readers are those who read often at home. Thank you parents!

The children have put so much effort into this year so far – thank you for your support, we do appreciate it and it makes such a difference to your child’s progress in class.

Yours sincerely,


Class Teacher