Pupil Voice

Children are central to everything we do at Our Lady of Grace and their contributions to school evaluation are highly valued and important to our development planning.

In the classroom, children engage in dialogue with teachers orally and by responding to the feedback given in their written work. Discussions in class are an essential part of the learning experience. Pupil comments, which express children’s current knowledge, their speculations and the questions they would like answered, can be seen in all classrooms on working walls. Children’s reflections on their learning are integral to displays of learning around the school and feature on pages of many of our website


Mission Statement

Children from Years 5 and 6 looked closely at our school Mission Statement. They thought that younger children might not understand it very easily and they decided that they would write their own.

Then a group of them met and taking extracts from the work of all the children, re-fashioned our School Mission Statement!

Mission Statement from Years 5 and 6

  • At Our Lady of Grace Catholic Primary School we believe that EVERYONE who walks through the school gates has the potential to grow.
  • Our school helps everyone to achieve greatness because we are all determined to do our very best.
  • We are always told "Just do your best and let God do the rest!"
  • We believe that we can succeed because we have parents and staff who have high expectations of us.
  • We are proud to be a place of many different cultural backgrounds.
  • We all try to follow the teachings of Jesus and so we make our school a place of welcome, of kindness, of hope. We value the contributions of every individual who is part of our school community.
  • We feel like members of a large family - we know that we are loved and cared for - and so we feel safe.
  • We try to live out the special Values that we talk about in class.
  • We say a daily prayer that reminds us that God is at the heart of everything we do.
  • At Our Lady of Grace we believe in having respect for difference in all its forms.
  • We are proud of our many academic, sporting and musical achievements.


School Council

We are on the School Council and we would like to talk to other children about how to improve our school.

We would like to find out how the children at Our Lady Of Grace feel about our School.

We listen to your ideas about what makes the perfect school and write them down.

We take them to Mr Small and see how we can start to make our School a great place to be.

School Council Policy and Aims

A School Council helps to ensure that pupils have:

  • a safe, happy, fair learning environment
  • a chance to voice any concerns and act upon them
  • an opportunity to learn problem-solving skills
  • a chance to take an active part in managing our school.

A School Council should encourage pupils to develop:

  • a sense of ownership over policy and practice
  • responsibility towards the school community and environment.

A School Council should give pupils experience of:

  1. Planning, organising and monitoring small projects
  2. Speaking and listening skills
  3. Negotiation skills
  4. Basic budgeting and managing money

A School Council should prepare pupils for citizenship by: teaching us about roles, rights and responsibilities within the school and in the community.


Our School Council – 2017-18



Year 6 – Maria & Prince;  Year 5 – Ellie-Mai & Anderson;  Year 4 – Pearle & Kenye;

Year 3 – Feyi & Corey;  Year 2 – Ela & Lucas


"I love my school because everyone in it is kind and special."

"This school is a welcoming school and it makes you part of a family."

"You will never be lonely because you will always have a friend. That's what makes our school special."



The School Council wrote to Mr Pennycook, MP inviting him to visit us at our new School. We are looking forward to welcoming him here on 23rd March.


Head Boy & Head Girl – 2017/18

Pupils in Year 6 put themselves through the process of Head Girl and Head Boy elections with enormous maturity – and we were tremendously proud of them! The candidates had all worked hard on their election speeches which were thoughtful and inspiring.


Congratulations to both Davina and Ryan who were voted in by staff and everyone in KS2. We wish them every success for the year ahead.



The School Council visited The Houses of Parliament recently, and what a special trip it was! We were guided through the Houses and we watched the Speaker, John Bercow enter the House of Commons. Later in the afternoon we met with our local MP Matthew Pennycook and we asked him lots of questions. We spoke about how busy the buses in our area can be and what we thought might make living in Charlton even better. We are very excited to invite Mr Pennycook to come and visit our new school very soon!
Img 3700  Img 3704

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What an exciting opportunity - we were invited to site to sign one of the steels going into the main hall structure!

We met with two of the Contractors - Kwame and Andy - who showed us the plans and exactly where our signed steel would go.

20160420 140702   20160420 135830



New Build School – Site Visit

The School Council were given the opportunity to visit the site where the new school is being built. They talked to the Contractors and saw what work was being done.

Sam 1861   Sam 1853



Governor Visit - Phil Lewis

I met with the School Council and I asked them about different aspects of school life. Here is what they said:

What do you like about School?: "Friends, good teachers and a nice atmosphere."

What would you change about the School?: "More IT equipment (iPads etc), hot dogs for lunch and that they should be allowed to eat biscuits and wanted less enforced healthy eating generally.They suggested there be more focus on practical skills such as cooking and a bigger choice of after-school clubs."

Do you feel safe in school?: All said they did. They said there was very little bad behaviour and whenever there was, it was dealt with well by teachers.The children told me about a 'playground buddies' scheme where older children helped look after infant children during lunch and playtimes.

Is there any bullying in school? Do you understand what bullying is?: The children clearly understood what bullying is and were able to describe different types of bullying (physical, verbal, online bullying). They said they hadn't seen bullying within the school but knew they should report it to teachers if they did experience of witness any. They said they would be comfortable doing this as the teachers were very approachable.



Summer Term 2015

The School Council were lucky enough to visit Parliament where we went on a fascinating ‘Adventurer’s Tour’.

Our guide took us through the House of Lords, the House of Commons and Westminster Hall.

We saw some beautiful artwork and architecture and learnt about the history of democracy as well as the history of our Royal Family.

Phil Lewis, Governor – It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a school trip, so I was delighted to accompany the School Council on a trip to the Houses of Parliament.  It was a great opportunity to see inside both Houses as well as seeing some wonderful architecture and paintings and sculptures of past Prime Ministers.  We also rubbed shoulders with famous politicians such as Dennis Skinner.  It was a lovely day and great to be in the company of such enthusiastic children.  Thanks for letting me come along.