Homework Topic – FS2: St Francis & St Bernadette

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to School. We hope you had a lovely Easter. Now we are planning for the Summer term and it would really help your child if you could do any of the following with him/her at home.


  • Join the Library! And enjoy reading books together.
  • Let your child watch you when you write a note, a list, a card, letter or email. This helps them to understand how ‘useful’ writing can be – it’s part of how we communicate.


  • Point out numbers on buses and doors.
  • Count up to 20 objects, touching and saying a number name for each one.
  • Use every day experiences, double and half objects, “We’ve got 10 strawberries and there’s only two of us so how many strawberries will you get?”
  • Use mathematical language related to weight, time, length eg, KG, g, cm, m minutes etc

    The World Around Them

  • Talk about home and community and family life.
  • Visit places of different nationalities close by – restaurants, a local church, a different place of worship.
  • Look at similarities and differences in objects, living things and their environment.
  • Visit a farm, zoo or pet shop. Look at the different animals. What do they look like? Where do they come from? Woodlands Farm on Shooters Hill is great to visit at weekends and is free with free parking!

All of these add to your child’s experiences and their language and understanding. Remember to send in your child’s ‘WOW’ moments or email them to

We know how busy everyone is but the best teacher your child can have is YOU – working together we can really make a difference in helping your child to achieve his/her full potential.

We look forward to a great summer term.

Yours sincerely


Class Teachers