Year Two

Homework Topic – Year 2: St Joseph

Dear Parents,

Welcome back! I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful Easter break. This is an important term for your children’s learning as SATs are taking place. Please ensure you give them every chance of succeeding by encouraging appropriate early bedtimes. The SATs will be held during the week of 19th May. Please make every effort to have your child in school every day of this week.

This term the children of St Joseph’s class are studying:


  • Counting in 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s.
  • Rapid recall of 2, 5 and 10x tables
  • Rapid recall of + and – to 20, including sums such as: 13 + ? = 20,  15 - ? = 11,  ? – 6 = 4
  • Counting and recognising numbers to 100, including the reading of number names (thirty four = 34)
  • Using scales to weigh objects, using appropriate vocabulary, (heavy, light, balance)
  • Finding the difference by counting on.
  • Telling time to the quarter hour.


  • Please set aside quiet time every evening when your child can read to you. In class we are recording how often we read at home so please ensure you write in your child’s reading record every night and write how much you have read so we can change it if the book is finished.
  •  Please use a range of questions to help develop your child’s understanding of the story. When reading please encourage your child to:
    • Predict what might happen next in the book.
    • Sound out unfamiliar words or consider the pictures/context of the story in order to make a good ‘guess’ at the word
    • Build upon your child’s sight vocabulary in both the reading and spelling of common words (then, there, when, where, some, said, our etc.)
    • Encourage your child to read in everyday situations e.g. from a shopping list and find the item in the shop.
  • Remember to practise spellings sent home each week. Remember to learn the spellings out of order and put the word into a sentence.
  • Children will need to know root words and how to add prefix and suffix and what they mean.
  • When talking to the children try to encourage using more adjectives and ‘up wording’ in everyday situations (instead of ‘I looked’ what else could we say? Peered, gazed, spied, glanced etc).

As you are aware, there is much more of a focus on Grammar and Punctuation. Children will be expected to know what verb, adverb, noun, adjective, plural and singular.

Topic:   Great Fire of London.

  • To find out how buildings have changed
  • Fire Brigade
  • Look at primary and secondary evidence

    D.T – We will look at where vegetables come from and how they are grown. We will be designing and making a healthy coloured snack.

    Animals including humans:

  • Animals including humans have offspring which grow into adults
  • Basic needs to survive
  • We will be looking at other mammals such as Bats

Variation – The children will learn that although individual living things are different there are similarities which can help to sort them into groups and that this is helpful.

Yours sincerely,


Class Teacher