Year Four

Homework Topic – Year 4: St Peter

Dear Parents,

Welcome back and a very happy new year to you!

Looking back on my first term with your children, I can say, despite the fact, that it was a very long one, it went quite well. School journey was a lovely experience for both myself and the children and our class assembly topped it up quite well! Thank you for all the warm and encouraging feedback afterwards. They were very much appreciated.

Just as we did last term, Year 4 children will take home Literacy and Numeracy homework on Friday and it will be due back in school the following Tuesday. Occasionally, there will be homework set related to the topic we are covering in class.

Maths: The focus this term is Multiplication and Division followed by Measurement. I would like to emphasise the importance of the children studying their timetables, if possible on a daily basis, as it is integral to all learning in Maths.

English: In our English lessons, we will focus on writing through a particular text for the term. Tasks may be set for homework, in relation to this text. There will also be lessons on Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings as well as Comprehension. Homework in this subject will continue to be spelling and Grammar work as well as Reading. Please ensure your children read to you daily and kindly take the time out to write comments and sign the Reading Record. It would be beneficial if you could question your child during reading to ascertain how much they understand the text. This could be questions about the characters and their actions backed with evidence from the text.

Science:  In Science the children will be learning about types and functions of teeth and the human digestive system. If you are able to find books in the library on these subjects, this will surely broaden the children’s knowledge and understanding and also enable them to share it with their peers.

Geography: Children will be learning about Brazil - from a geographical aspect. We will be focusing on its climate, land and its people and making comparisons with the United Kingdom.

PE: This will be Swimming and Gymnastics. It is very important that children have the correct kit for Swimming (same as last term) and their indoor and outdoor PE kit. Outdoor PE kit must be a warm tracksuit bottom and long sleeve top with trainers for the cold weather. Indoor PE kit – school t-shirt and navy blue shorts with plimsols. All kit must be clearly labelled.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,


Class Teacher