Year 4

Environmental Centre, Horton Kirby

On Wednesday 3rd May, Year 4 - an intrepid group of explorers - set out on a mission to investigate the River Darent as a possible new habitat for fish.

The children had to measure the flow, depth and invertibrate population to decide whether trout or carp would be best suited to the environment.

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Cutty Sark

On Wednesday 5th of October, Year 4 St. Peter’s class walked down, on a beautiful Autumn morning, to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. After strolling through the park we arrived at the museum to take part in ‘The Great Explorer’ map activity where we got to stand on a map of the world to locate different countries. We were amazed at how big the continent of Africa was compared with the UK. We then journeyed over to the Cutty Sark to find out how they used to transport tea back from China in the Victorian times. We were even allowed to go into the sailor’s dormitories and see how small the beds were that they slept in!

Mr Bonnelame, Parent - the trip was well organised and was fun and eduational. The children, and myself, learnt a bit of history and world geography at the same time in a safe, controlled and fun manner. The ratio of adults to children was just right and the teacher had control over the group at all times. Thanks for inviting me and I totally enjoyed it - I was amazed by the children's behaviour throughout.

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Year 4 went on School Journey to the Margret Macmillan House in Wrotham this November. We had so much fun on activities that helped us with our teamwork and communication skills. Our favourites were climbing and archery.

In the evenings our teachers’ organised activities, such as discos and games, so we had time to make new friends. For many of us it would have been our first time away from home. It was a super experience and one we will not forget in a while.

  • My favourite activity was the rock-climbing because it really reminded me of the time when I LOVE to climb. – Marcos
  • The highlight of school journey for my was archery - Helena
  • I loved the disco and doing archery on School Journey - Miller
  • I really enjoyed it when I got to the top of the climbing wall - Jen
  • I loved doing the blindline because some people accidently walked into the trees! – Joshua
  • I loved the disco as I got to dance with my friends – Francesca

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