Year 4

School Journey - Wrotham

St Peter's Class  recently went on School Journey to the Margaret Macmillan Center for three days and two nights. They had a very exciting experience participating in various activities such as Archery, Wall Climbing, Low Ropes, Thunder Stacking and Orienteering. It was a pleasure to see different sides to the children that we would not particularly see when we are in school!

A big thank you to all the adults who helped to make the children's visit a fun-filled and memorable one.

The children felt the activities they engaged in encouraged them to:

Ayo  - Work as a team;  Louie - Persevere and never give up; 

Samanta - Support each other;  Renilson - Conquer our fears; 

Pearl - Communicate with each other;  Arlo - to think deeply; 

Lydia - to believe in ourselves; Lilly - Trust in God

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Environmental Centre, Horton Kirby

St Peters Class had a memorable day at Horton Kirby where they engaged in number of learning activities about Animals and their habitats.

Activities included exploring the fantastic Woodlands where they hunted for minibeasts as well as plant identification.

Although they have visited Horton Kirby before,  every visit is always a different and unique experience and I am sure they are looking forward to another visit in Year 5.

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