Year 6

Imperial War Museum

Year 6 recently visited the Imperial War Museum in Duxford which was used as a training station for the Royal Air Force and played a major role in the Battle of Britain during the Second World War. We saw a unique collection of aircraft, including a Spitfire and a Lancaster, as well as tanks and military vehicles and a working airfield. The children were very well behaved and learned lots. Look at some of the photos below to see them enjoying themselves:

Dscn0739  Dscn0751

Img 3428


Environmental Centre

Year 6 had a lovely visit to Horton Kirby. They delved into the scientific world of grouping and classification of animals. First, they learnt about the different types of invertebrates and after that, how they were classified. Next, they got to go down to the river to have a go themselves. The children were well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed getting into the water. They were amazed at how many different types of organisms they could find; one group even caught a fish! A big thank you to everyone at Horton Kirby for making us so welcome and giving us such a fun day out!


Arethusa, Rochester

From 8th to 10th March, Year 6 had a great time on School Journey to Arethusa taking part in lots of different activities - going on a very muddy woodland walk, swimming, orienteering, rock climbing and various team games. They also enjoyed their evening activities and especially the visit from a storyteller.

Dscn00721  Dscn00061

Dscn00321  Dscn00421

Dscn00651  Dscn00821

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