Our New School

What exciting news we received to say we are part of the Priority Schools Building Programme and that we will be getting a brand new two form entry school. This is due to be completed for us to move in January 2017.

In January 2016 they put up hoarding around the site and started clearing and flattening the area. This happened very quickly so the site cabins could go in and in February the rig starting piling out for the foundations.

Feb 2016 1  Feb 2016 5 

Mar 2016 2  Mar 2016 1

The School Council made their first visit to the site and talked to the Contractors about the process of building a new school and also looked at the site plans.

School council

The floor of the main building was put in and the School Council were invited down to sign one of the steels forming part of the school hall.

Apr 2016 1  Apr 2016 2

School council steels

As the works moved on, the main structure to the teaching block was being erected and with the hall side panels put in. In June, Governors were invited down for a tour of the site and the Architects carried out workshops with children in Years 5 & 6 about how to design a new school. They had great fun coming up with ideas.

May 2016 2 May 2016 1

Img 7498 Img 2955 2

Img 2933 Img 2956

By the end of the summer term, the side panels to the teaching block were erected, some of the windows installed and internal partitions put up.

July 2016 1  July 2016 3

July 2016 7  July 2016 8

September and things are moving on! The outside of the buildings are be prepared for the cladding and all the windows to the teaching block and hall are in. Every room has now been drylined ready for plastering.

Teaching block cladding  Teaching block drylining


Head Boy & Head Girl site visit

Our Head Boy (Diogo) and Head Girl (Amber) were given the opportunity to visit to the new school site. You can read below what they thought about this exciting venture.

Img 8623  Img 8626

Head Boy Site Visit


Head Girl Site Visit


Burying the Time Capsule

As we made our way down to the new school site, a wave of excitement rolled over me. Although I’ve already been down there, I was curious to see the changes since I had last been. We approached the school from a different road which I - surprisingly- hadn’t heard of. We were welcomed by one of the builders and waited for Kwame and Andy to arrive. After Andy and Kwame had greeted us, they showed us where we would bury the time capsule. I- luckily- got a chance to hold the time capsule. I thought that the time capsule would be light but it wasn’t. It was very heavy.

We took a few pictures with Brenda who’s in year 3 and Kit who’s in year 1 - holding the time capsule. When I saw the hole, I thought that it wouldn’t be deep, but it was very deep. At the bottom there was this orange playdoh so as the time capsule fell, it wouldn’t crack. When Kit and Brenda dropped the Time Capsule in, the playdoh made a “splat” noise which made us all laugh.

Well, I guess I won’t be seeing the Time Capsule until I’m thirty-six years old!

By Diogo

Img 9404


We have finally moved into our new school and what a wonderful place it is! The children were very excited coming in on their first day and seeing all their new classrooms and facilities.

Img 9660  Img 9706

Img 0333  Img 0339

Img 0329  Img 0324

Img 0335  Img 0332

We received a letter of thanks from the Education Commission to all the staff for their hard work and dedication in making the move happen.

Letter of thanks - Education Commission