Year 6

Horton Kirby Environmental Centre

Year 6 had a lovely visit to Horton Kirby. We delved into the scientific world of
grouping and classification of animals. First, we learnt about the different types
of invertebrates and after that, how they were classified. Next the fun bit -
we got to go down to the river and have a go ourselves. The children were very
well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed getting into the water. They were very
lucky finding lots of unusual organisms and were able to classify them.
A big thank you to everyone at Horton Kirby for a great day out!

Horton kirby 4  Horton kirby 3 Horton kirby 1  Horton kirby 2


TfL Visit 

Year 6 were visited by Transport for London. They had a very informative session and learnt a lot of valuable tips on travelling around London. Melissa, who works for Transport for London, taught the children how to stay safe and highlighted potential dangers. The children were thoroughly engaged and now feel a lot more confident in preparation for travelling to secondary school.

Nina - “Transport for London came in and told us all the things we have to know when we are going somewhere on our own. This helped me know what to do in certain situations and the videos showed us the dangerous things that could happen."


School Journey

Year 6 went on a residential trip to Arethusa in Rochester, Kent. The children took part in various activities including rock climbing, swimming, Jacob's Ladder, a string trail and archery. The children were very well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout their trip. They really did show their skills of resilience and bravery stepping out of their comfort zones! A fantastic time was had by all, taking home lots of lovely memories, as well as a suitcase full of muddy clothes!

Have a look at the photos below to see just how much fun we had:

Boys 2  Boys

Mud walk  Jacobs ladder 2

Rock climbing 2  String trail

String trail 2  Rock climbing

Group photo



Years 6 were very lucky and took part in engaging workshops looking at some of the reasons why the internet is such a powerful resource, but also highlighting the dangers of the internet. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and learnt how to stay safe on the internet.

With most children using the internet nowadays, it is very important to help them keep safe from any online vulnerability. The children learnt that they must think before posting photos and videos and that whenever they are using online devices, they must make sure that the privacy settings are on. They also learnt about the dangers of sharing any personal information.

Helena, Year 6

Today two internet safety experts visited our school because it was Internet Safety Day. I thought that I was safe on the internet but today, I realised that actually, I’m not …

We have now learnt the SMART tip. The SMART tip includes ways to stay safe on the internet such as ...

S stands for Safe (to stay safe on the internet)

M stands for Meeting (to only meet up with the people you know)

A stands for Acceptance (only accept messages from the people you know)

R stands for Reliable (rely on the people you know)

T stands for Tell (tell an adult, a parent or a friend if someone is bothering you online)

They also taught us how to keep safe on the phone when we are texting. If someone texts you a message and you don’t know who it is, DO NOT open that message because it can be inappropriate, or it can cause a virus to your phone or any other device. You should tell your parent or a trusted adult who will then help you.

We learnt how to create a password without including our first name. You should use symbols, a few letters or numbers that don’t relate to your birthday or family members, for example.

These tips have helped me to be safer on the internet and I hope they will help you too!


Imperial War Museum

Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. It was once used as a training station for the Royal Air Force and played a major role in the Battle of Britain during the Second World War.

We saw various aircraft, including a Spitfire and a Lancaster, as well as tanks, military vehicles and a working airfield. The children were well behaved and learned lots. Look at some of the photos below to see them enjoying themselves:

Duxford 2018 1  Duxford 2018 2

Duxford 2018 3  Duxford 2018 4