Year 6 - St Teresa

St Teresa

Spring 2024

Religious Education

Last term in RE, year 6 were delving deeper and exploring the different parts of the Mass.  Here is an example of when we explored the Consecration and the true meaning behind it.

Sample of Work - RE


n Year 6 we have been looking at the narrative poem 'The Listeners' We have explored the way in which some poets have used a narrative style to engage and entertain readers. Understanding how a narrative style has been created in poetry has helped us to use narrative techniques within our own writing. We have been able to write narrative poems based on the theme 'Is Anybody There?'.  Please click on the link below to view the sample of work.

Sample of Work

In Year 6 we have been studying the chapter ‘Exile’ from Tom’s Midnight Garden. We have analysed the different ways in which the author builds tension and have used these features to write our own piece of writing that illustrates tension.

Please click on the link below to view the samples of work:

St Teresa - samples of work

St Teresa -sample of work