Parental Workshops  EYFS January 2024

On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th January, parents of children in EYFS came in for Phonics and Maths workshops, The parents had the opportunity to see first hand how the Phonics and Maths sessions are taught in school. Also, they had the opportunity to see the different strategies teachers use to support the children’s learning.  Both sessions were well attended and parents shared their
experiences in the feedback form.

Below are some of the comments parents made about Phonics workshops on Tuesday 23rd January 2024.

“Thank you so much for this workshop, it gives us ideas of what to do
at home.”

“I learnt a better way to teach my child diagraphs and tricky words.”

“The presentation was fun and interactive. A fantastic initiative. So
very educative and timely. Thank you so much.”

“ I picked up new ideas and learnt about tricky words/ sounds. Glad
that I came. I learnt so much. “

“Very interesting and would like more of this.”


Maths Wednesday 24th January 2024

“ I love the use of actions to help them engage with counting and
make it fun.”

“I learnt more exciting ways to practise number through play.”

“I liked the way of adding symbols without hands.”

“Great session very helpful.”


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