Year 2 - St Joseph

Trip to Horniman Museum - March 2024

St Joseph Class went on a trip to the Horniman Museum to further extend our learning on our topic: Animals and their Habitats. We got to explore the aquarium, we looked at the different habitats like the Amazon RainForest, British Pond, the Coral Reef and the animals that live there   We also had a workshop and we learnt how different animals are adapted to their habitats. Finally , we went on the animal trail before heading back to school. It was a fun filled day!

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Fire Safety

'What an exciting afternoon Year 2 had with Hazel from the London Fire Brigade come in and talk to us about fire safety. We had such a fun time spotting all the hazards, showing Hazel our thumbs up if an item in our home was safe or thumbs down if it wasnt! We learnt all about what to do if we are ever in a fire and we even know the number to call if we are in an emergency, remember it's 999!' 

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