Year 4 - St Martin de Porres

St Martin de Porres

Spring 2024

Religious Education

Over the last week in RE, Year 4 have been looking at the topic of Jesus the Saviour, as a class we have been looking at key vocabulary such as saviour, divine as well as making links between beliefs that Jesus is truly man and truly God. In one of our lessons we discussed why we have Lent, and what it means for us as people. Year 4 learnt how we prepare for Lent and how it helps us prepare not just our hearts but our mind as well. We also discussed the importance of Lent as it allows us to think about fasting, alms-giving and prayer. This allows us to build up our relationship with God as well as it reminding us about the suffering that Jesus encountered in the desert. 

Samples of Work - RE


In Year 4, we have been learning about fables. We looked closely at the fables - The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Turtle and the Eagle. We discussed the features and purposes of fables and we used this to write our own fables with the moral- No one believes a liar even when they tell the truth.

Samples of Work


For our first piece of writing for this academic year, Year 4 have been writing a leaflet about their very own adventure park inspired by our work on Go Ape.  In our lessons we took the time to imagine and create our own adventure park including creating its very own name, slogan and activities.  Some of the activities you can find  in our adventure parks are history based activities, oreo tasting activities as well as others.  As part of our grammar focus at the start of the academic year we have covered and included in our pieces subordinating and coordinating conjunctions as well as using different pronouns to avoid repetition.  Our success criteria has also included using exaggerative language and rhetorical questions to capture the readers' attention.  Year 4 have also been practising our skills of using headings and subheadings in our work as well as using bullet points to  help us lay out our work.  It has been an engaging and fantastic piece of writing which has allowed our students to be creative and write about something a little bit different.

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St-Martin-De-Porres - sample of Work

We wrote a sequel to Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf by David Almond where we looked at what would happen if the wolf came back to life.

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St Martin de Porres - samples of work