Dear Parents,

Welcome back to School. We hope you had a lovely Easter. Now we are planning for the Summer Term and it would really help your child if you could do any of the following with him/her at home.


Our topic for this term is New Life, we are going to be looking at how the resurrection of Jesus has brought joy to us and how He expects us to share the good news with others. To help develop your child’s understanding of this topic encourage them to think of ways that they can bring joy to others. 


Let your child watch you when you write a note, a list, a card, letter or email. This helps them to understand how ‘useful’ writing can be – it’s part of how we communicate. Encourage your child to write things such as shopping lists, letters to family members, birthday cards for friends and even stories about their favourite topic e.g. animals, plants, cars etc. 

Read with your child every day and if this is not possible then at least three times a week. Please keep note of this in the red reading record. Continue to ask your child questions about what they have read to check their understanding. You can also develop your child’s understanding of the story by asking them to retell or act out the story.  Make a habit of explaining the meaning of new words they come across in the reading books as they read. This helps to improve their vocabulary. Please note that reading for pleasure books will continue to be changed on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Collins e-books are changed on Wednesdays. We do read with each child throughout the week so please make sure that the reading record and reading book is brought to school every day. 


Point out numbers on buses and doors

Subitising (recognise quantities without counting) up to 10

Count up to 20 objects, touching and saying a number name for each one.

Count actions

Practise writing numbers from 0 - 20.

Use every day experiences to double and half objects, “We’ve got 10 strawberries and there’s only two of us so how many strawberries will you get?”

Use mathematical language related to time, length e.g., hours, minutes, seconds, cm, m etc

The World Around Them

Talk about home and community and family life.

Look at similarities and differences in objects, living things and their environment.

Talk about the different states of matter- solids, liquids and gases and how these can change. Use this vocabulary whenever possible so they are familiar with them.

All of these add to your child’s experiences and their language and understanding.  Remember to send in your child’s ‘WOW’ moments or email them to

We will continue to have PE on a Thursday – St Bernadette and Friday – St Francis, please ensure that your child has the appropriate PE kit: a black/navy tracksuit, blue shorts and a white Our Lady of Grace t-shirt (summer sportswear) and black plimsolls. All items of clothing are to be properly labelled as this will help us to find it promptly if it goes missing.

If you would prefer that your child brings in a pack lunch, please keep in mind that we are a healthy/nut free school. Items such as juice, crisps, chocolate and sweets are not permitted. Your child should have their own water bottle that they bring into school every day even if they have a school lunch. 

We know how busy everyone is but the best teacher your child can have is YOU – working together we can really make a difference in helping your child to achieve his/her full potential. 

We look forward to a great summer term.

Yours sincerely


Class Teachers