Year 6 - St Teresa

Junior Citizens

Year 6 St Teresa had a brilliant day at Sutcliffe Park where they had the chance to learn all about being Junior Citizens of London. During the visit, they took part in interactive workshops with the police, London Fire Brigade and ambulance service. They also learned how to safely approach dogs as well as how to cross roads safety. A fantastic day of learning and fun.

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School Journey to Sayers Croft

Year 6 spent two nights enjoying acres of woodlands, meadows, ponds and fields at Sayers Croft.  During their action packed stay, the children enjoyed orienteering, building a shelter as well as wall climbing.  It was a wonderful opportunity for children to demonstrate our Core Virtues of friendship, cooperation and courage in a practical setting.  Most importantly, our Year 6's had the chance to create magical memories with their friends which we hope will last a lifetime.

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