Dinners, Milk & Healthy Eating


All children in KS1 are entitled to a free school dinner under the Government directive. Children in KS2 have a choice of a school dinner or a packed lunch. School dinners have a varied menu with a choice of food and at present, cost £13 per week.

Packed lunches should be brought into school in a labelled lunch box.  It is recommended that the lunch includes sandwiches or a roll, plain biscuit, yogurt and/or a piece of fruit and a carton of drink with a straw.

(Bottles or flasks, fizzy drinks and sweets are not allowed).

We prefer that once you have made a choice about dinners that you stay with it for at least half a term.  Please let us know about any special diet your child must follow.  You may change from packed lunch to school dinner by notifying the office, in writing, before the school breaks for the half-term or the end of term.

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Dinner Menu - Autumn / Winter 2019


Milk & Healthy Eating

Children under 5 receive free milk but is available to the rest of the school and is payable at the beginning of each term, when you will be advised of the cost.

All children in KS1 are given free fruit every day. All children may bring in a snack for morning break, but this should comprise of a piece of fruit.

Healthy Eating Status

The School has successfully obtained the Bronze Healthy Eating Award and is working towards the Silver Award.

Healthy schools bronze cert