Year 4 - St Francis of Assisi


Summer Newsletter - April 2024


Sayers Croft - November 2023

What an incredible adventure, Year 4 had at Sayers Croft last week! We
arrived on Wednesday ready for a sense of adventure, Year 4 had to
learn how to make their beds and were responsible for their own
unpacking. After a delicious lunch, off we went on our first adventures
and the day ended with a much-deserved disco party.  The days
followed with a variety of activities for Year 4 to do working on our team
work skills, cooperation and listening. It was a fantastic few day with
every single person coming home with a brilliant smile on their face!

Sayers croft st francis of a 1 Sayers croft st francis of a 2



Charlton House Trip

In Year 4, we have been looking at historical sources and how these can help us build a mental picture of the past, from the information that can be obtained from them. As a year group, we took a trip to Charlton House and had the opportunity to learn about its rich history. We also had a chance to handle some artefacts as well as write in hieroglyphics to make our very own cartouches.


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