Stars of the Week

Each week we have an ‘Achievement Assembly’ in which we recognise and celebrate children’s best efforts in the classroom and around the School.

Our overall ‘Stars of the Week’

Week commencing 18th October

We are delighted at the return of our Achievement Assemblies to celebrate the children's best efforts in the classroom and around the School.


Year 1 - St David: Caleb and Alexander

Year 1 - St John Bosco: Louise and Demilade

Year 2 - St Joseph: Toyosi and Ruth

Year 2 - St Gerard: Katie and Elias

Year 3 - St Martin: Sammy and Mary Ann

Year 3 - St Peter: Cassia and Zane

Year 4 - St Martin of Assisi: Ogonna and Demilade

Year 4 - St Francis of Assisi: Ifeanyi and Peggy

Year 5 - St Elizabeth: Olaf and Khole

Year 5 - St Patrick: Harry and Abigail

Year 6 - Oscar Romero: Zach and Daniela

Guitar - Lila and Madalena

Congratulations everyone!