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We have had our first half term of Wrappers Club at Our Lady of Grace.  We are delighted with the take up of places and we have had a wonderful time getting to know the children in both the breakfast and afterschool provision.  

Please take time to read the latest newsletter in this section to see what is happening in Wrappers Club!  We have some activities coming up and are pleased to be able to use the outdoor space now that the days are getting longer.


Staff at Wrappers Club

Wraparound Care Manager:  Mrs Michele McShane-Phelps

Playworkers: Bernie Duffy, Shana O'Brien, Mary Owens, Matthew Huynh, Georgia Redfern, Oscar Sanfilippo, Tom Lewis, Jennifer Lewis, Naomi Odulami, Eliza Foley, Elaine Voo, Jaiden Subebe, Patsy Redford and Pat Boyd.

Digital Contract

Thank you also to those parents who have arranged for their tax-free voucher/childcare voucher payments to be made.  

The timings and costs of the provision are as follows:

  • Breakfast: 7.30am – 8.45am        £6.00
  • Afterschool: 3.30pm – 6pm          £12.00
  • Discount available if breakfast and afterschool clubs are selected on the same day and this will be £16.00.


In the meantime, if you would like any more information, please email:

For more information regarding Tax-Free Childcare, please click on the link below:  You may be eligible for Tax-Free Childcare and you can learn more about the government's scheme as well as everything you need to know about wraparound care.

Before and after school childcare: Everything you need to know about wraparound care