A prayer for mental health - Peggy, St Teresa

Peggy st teresa


A prayer for the class - St Bernadette

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A prayer for our school - Annabella, St Peter

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A prayer for my family - Lewis, St David

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A prayer for our church - St Martin de Porres

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A prayer for our class - St Francis

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A prayer for our families - Felix and Emelia, St John Bosco

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A prayer for mental health - Elena, Oscar Romero

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A prayer for friendship - Georgina, St Joseph

St joseph georgina


A prayer for our friends - Monty from St John Bosco

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A prayer for Good Health (St David's)



A prayer for the Elderly (St Joseph's)



A prayer thanking God for Creation (St Bernadette)



A prayer for the Sick (St John Bosco)

Prayer for the sick


A prayer for World Leaders (St Francis of Assisi)

World leaders


A prayer for Natural Disasters (St Elizabeth)

Natural disasters


A prayer for Natural Disasters (St Patrick)

Yr 5 prayer


A prayer for Refugees (St Oscar Romero)



A prayer for War & Conflict (St Martin)

War and conflict


A prayer for Peace (St Peter)

Liturgy 2 prayer st peters


A prayer for World Leaders by Lilo (St Oscar Romero)



A prayer for World Leaders by Haggen (St Teresa)



A prayer for Refugees by Dave (St Patrick)

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A prayer for Emergency Services by Maria (St Gerard)



A prayer for the Emergency Services by Melanie (St Joseph)



A prayer for the homeless by Amelia (St Martin)


A prayer for humble hearts by Chizaram (St Martin de Porres)



A prayer for the humble hearts by Lucy (St Martin de Porres)



A prayer for mental health by Ela (St Peters)



A prayer for the sick by Aria (St David)



A prayer for our new King by Fire (St Elizabeth)

Dear Lord,

We pray that King Charles will have the wisdom and strength to make our country a better place to live.  Please open his eyes to see the problems people face.  Help him to use his hands to do what is right