Year Two

Welcome back! We hope you all had an enjoyable and restful Easter break. We cannot quite believe that we are already in the Summer Term, however we are looking forward to a fun packed term with the children! As you are all aware, the children will be undertaking their SATs in May, however this will not halt all our normal learning too! If you need any refreshing on information about the SATs, please use the google classroom to look through the resources we have provided on there, alongside their homework for this half term which is all based around SATs papers. Over this half term, Year 2 will be learning:


Maths will be taught everyday and the focus for this half term is:

  • Fractions
  • Measurement (length and height) 
  • Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement eg, clockwise, anti-clockwise, right angle turn and half turn.

In Summer 2, we will be moving onto telling the time, which can be a difficult area for children and adults alike to understand, which is evident in a recent study that found 17% of adults in the UK cannot use an analogue clock to tell the time. Therefore, it would be an idea to start introducing time into your child’s daily life. For example, telling them what time they need to leave for school/how long they have to get dressed/dinner time/bed time and getting them to show you when it is on the clock and how long it is until that specific time. 


This term we will be focussing our learning around the books; Man on the Moon and Pattan’s Pumpkin. We cannot stress enough the importance of reading with your child every day. Please ensure your child’s reading book is in their book bag every day, signed and dated – there is a space for a comment if you would like. When reading please encourage your child to:

  • Predict what might happen next in the book.
  • Build upon your child’s sight vocabulary in both the reading and spelling of common words (then, there, when, where, some, said, our etc.)
  • Encourage your child to read in everyday situations e.g. from a shopping list and find the item in the shop.
  • Children will need to know root words and how to add prefix and suffix and what they mean.
  • When talking to the children try to encourage using more adjectives and ‘up wording’ in everyday situations (instead of ‘I looked’ what else could we say? Peered, gazed, spied, glanced etc).

Please ensure your child is continuing to utilise TTRS and Doodle English to consolidate their learning in school.

RE – Eastertide

We will continue to follow the school Religious Education curriculum- ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life.’ Our topic this half term will be about ‘Eastertide’. You may like to talk with your child about the Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven and discuss what that means for us now. 

Science – Plants

This term we will be looking at plants. It would be helpful whenever you are out and about to enable the children to discuss with you different types of plants and trees that you see. We will be growing plants in class, but it would be great if you have plants at home to involve the children in taking care of them.

Topic – Great Explorers 

This term we will be learning about Great Explorers - Ibn Battuta, Matthew Henson and Neil Armstrong. You may wish to research these great explorers with your children and encourage them to tell you about who they have learnt that week.

As the weather gets warmer, a gentle reminder that children’s clothes should be labelled. We spend a lot of time trying to find out who owns unnamed jumpers and PE kits, which is a waste of learning time for the children. In their PE kit, children must have an OLOG t-shirt, blue shorts and black trainers or plimsolls.  Please tie long hair back with a plain red, black or white hair band.  Children are not allowed to wear any jewellery including earrings, hair beads or shave patterns in their hair.

We will be contacting you soon about our annual Year 2 beach trip, once we have been able to confirm a date. We are also hoping to have some special visitors in June, which we will be fundraising for, as above we will contact you about this soon.


                                           Miss Barrett and Miss Okereke