Year 4 - St Martin de Porres

School Journey

Year 4 really enjoyed their school trip to Sayers Croft! It was wonderful to see the children enjoying spending time outside, in the fresh air and nature. We mixed the two year four classes up, for team building purposes and so that the children spent time with others.

After a very excitable coach trip, we dropped off our luggage and made our beds. The children managed this very well indeed, which was a clear indication of their increasing independence.  We then had our first activity which was orienteering. The trip was filled with well organized activities, such as: pond dipping, a nature walk, an assault course, team building, bird watching and more.

On the first night we had a night walk, where we experienced what life was like for children in World War Two. The children enjoyed experiencing Sayers Croft’s air raid shelter and were played a recording of an air raid siren so that they were fully immersed in the experience.  

Having rested and spent their first night away from their homes, the children were excited to wake up with their friends and their teachers. A large breakfast set them up for the day ahead. The focus was on the children working with one another, in order to navigate themselves around an assault course.  They learnt how important it is to collaborate and communicate. The children then were split into groups and made wonderful art, using logs and other natural resources. On the second evening, the children enjoyed a wonderful disco!

On the final day, we completed an obstacle course where the children were blindfolded and then worked in pairs to make their ways around the circuit. We loved being able to work with the children and see them working so well together.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip for both adults and children! 

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