Year 2 - St Joseph's

St Joseph's

Spring 2024

Religious Education

We learnt about Lent and why we observe the Lenten season as Christians. We also had a discussion about the three important things we must do during Lent - fast, give alms and pray.  We listened to each other share our ideas on what we will do during this season.  Some of our Lenten promises are:

  • To give up watching Netflix for 40 days.
  • To help my mum and dad more at home.
  • To give my old clothes to charity.
  • To give my old toys to charity.
  • To listen to my adults more.
  • To make the right choices all the time.
  • To pray for my aunty who is poorly so God makes her better
  • To give up screen time and playing on the computer
  • To pray for my grandma who is sick
  • To pray for my country.

We made a lovely display out of our Lenten promises.

Samples of Work - Lenten Promise

Year 2 this term has been learning about writing instructions. We read the text -"What grows best?" First, we analysed the main features of instructions. Next, we learnt about Imperative Verbs (Bossy Verbs) and used them in command sentences. We then learnt how to use coordinating conjunctions 'and' and 'but' to join our simple sentences together. We enjoyed baking our condensed milk cookies before we finally wrote our set of instructions using all the things we learnt. Enjoy reading them! Please click on the link to view the samples of work,Samples of WorkSamples of Work


In English we have been working on our own versions of The Brothers Grimm's Rapunzel.  After reading the original story, we decided to change some of the key characters and the settings to create our own telling of the classic fairytale!

Please click on the link below to view the samples of work.

St Joseph sample of work


Our Art topic for Spring 1 was Earth Art. We learnt how to use natural materials like pebbles, sticks, twigs and leaves to make art. We looked at examples of modern rock painting and made our own pet rocks.

Next we explored what sculptures are and looked at sculptures created from natural materials. We then used collected sticks and twigs to make our own sculptures.

We also explored Rangoli patterns made from flowers and leaves. Finally, we learnt how to work with leaves found in the garden and made animal pictures. We used our fine motor skills to work carefully with fragile materials. Have a look at our amazing art work.

Please click on the link below to view the samples of work: