Year 3 - St Martin

British Museum

On Friday 29th April Year 3 had an incredible day at The British Museum to support this term's topic. As you can see, they thoroughly enjoyed the day.   

    Bm visit 1             Bm visit 2                  Bm visit 3

'I thought that the trip to the British Museum was amazing! At the museum, we learned the steps of mummification'- Himmat

Horniman Museum

On Wednesday,Year Three visited  the  Horniman Museum for a workshop on Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We were not only looking at the artefacts, but holding them as well, so all of us had to wear special white, cotton gloves, because, most of them were thousands of years old. We then visited the new World Gallery, which only opened a week ago, it is fantastic! As it was such a beautiful day, we had lunch and playtime in the park. Everyone had a lovely day. The children,as always, were a credit to Our Lady of Grace and to you.


Science Museum

Year 3 had a wonderful day at the Science Museum.  We had  interactive fun in the “Wonderlab” and loved going to the lecture theatre for workshop all about Forces (our Science topic.)

Year 3 recommend the Science museum for all the children at Our Lady of Grace.  It brings Science to life and most of all it’s fun!