EYFS - St Bernadette

Animal Show

In Reception we had an Animal Show. We learned about different insects and reptiles from around the world. We looked at the stick insects, millipedes, a tarantula, the bearded dragon and different species of snakes. We talked about their characteristics, the food that they eat and where you would be able to find them in the wild. We learnt the difference between insects and spiders and we now know that an insect has 6 legs and a spider has 8 legs. All of the children enjoyed learning about the different creatures and some were even brave enough to hold and feel them. 

Animal show eyfs 24  Animal show eyfs 30

Animal show eyfs 33  Animal show eyfs 28


London Fire Brigade

The London Fire Brigade came to visit our school. We talked about what the different parts of the fire engine are called and what they do. We discussed the uniform that the fire fighters wear to keep themselves safe. We pretended to be junior fire fighters and we role played putting out a fire. The most important thing we learnt was that if we have an emergency we should call 999 and person called an operator will give us the help we need.

Eyfs fire talk  Eyfs fire talk 2