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Summer Fayre 2022

After a three year wait, we were able to hold a Summer Fayre this year. The sun shone for us and so many of our families came along to make a success of the day. At the fayre we raised a very impressive £2449. With the two tuck shop sales, the total has risen to £2562. Thank you to everyone who made the day such a great success. Please read some of the children's reviews below.

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" The 2022 OLOG Summer Fayre was spectacular! Vibrant colours fill your field of vision, everywhere you looked. The smell of mouthwatering food and spices flew into your nose as you gaped in awe at the Tombola rewards. Fantastic music played and there were many activities to do; from playing ping-pong and football, to buying ice-cream, raffle tickets and books. It was GREAT!!" John, Year 6

"The OLOG 2022 Summer Fayre was a wonderful day. There were lots of activities as well as a large variety of food including hot dogs, burgers, jollof rice, beef curry and much more! My favourite activitywas the fidget gambling game. There were many other stands such as the kids and adult tombolas, name the teddy to keeep it and many more." Daniela, Year 6


June agm 1


Merry Christmas! 2019

What an absolutely wonderful event with a great festive atmosphere with some brilliant live singing from one of our parents.

The children had such a good time having fun building a snowman out of marshmallows, decorating biscuits and crafts, having the faces painted, winning great prizes on the various games and tombola stalls and of course, visiting Father Christmas!

Thank you to all those who made and donated lovely cakes and to the catering team who provided some fabulous food - really delicious! 

A truly big thank you to all our parents who volunteered their time and to all our families who supported us to make our Christmas Fayre such a great success - we couldn't have done it without you!

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Summer Fayre 2019

What an absolutely glorious day and what a tremendous event! There was a lovely community atmosphere as everyone came together to enjoy the day. 

The variety of stalls, food, drinks and entertainment was second to none and what talent we have here in school! The performances were amazing - well done to everyone who took part.

Thank you to all the PTFA for putting on such a successful fayre and for helping raise more funds for the school. We really appreciate all the hard work that goes into putting these events on and are so grateful to all of you as parents, carers and staff for helping make it happen.

Summer fayre 2019 3  Summer fayre 2019 4

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Summer fayre 2019 8  Summer fayre 2019 10 


Easter Fayre 2019

The Easter Fayre is such an enjoyable event for the children with a great selection of games and stalls for them to enjoy. They also loved entering the egg decorating competition and we had such fantastic entries. Well done to all the children who took part.

Thank you parents for all your donations and a really big thank you to everyone for your hard work putting this event together and for raising an amazing £1,000 for the school.

Easter fayre 2019 2  Easter fayre 2019 3

Easter fayre 1  Easter fayre 5

Easter fayre 3  Easter fayre 7


Disco Fever - February 2019

Thanks to the PTFA for organising a disco for the whole school to enjoy. The children had great fun dancing away to their favourite songs and helped raise £600 towards school funds. Well done and thanks to everyone!


Christmas Fayre 2018

What another really successful event the PTFA have put on. Lots of children enjoyed the festivities and in particular, visiting Father Christmas! There were some beautifully painted faces, delicious food and a variety of different stalls both adults and children enjoyed having a go on. Thank you once again for helping raise £1,700 for our School. All the hard work and effort put into these events are really appreciated by all.

Xmas fayre 2018 1  Xmas fayre 2018 2

Xmas fayre 2018 4  Xmas fayre 2018 6

Xmas fayre 2018 8  Xmas fayre 2018 13

Xmas fayre 2018 5  Xmas fayre 2018 12


International Fun Day 2018

What a brilliant celebration we had on one of the hottest days of the year! You could really feel the whole community come together - vibrant colours, cultural dress, delicious international food, dancing and music.

Well done to all the children and adults that took part in our talent show and wow, what talent we saw! Not only in signing and dancing but also in the Bake Off.

A truly big 'thank you' to all the PTFA for making this another wonderful and successful event.

Int fun day 2018 8  Int fun day 2018 1

Int fun day 2018 3  Int fun day 2018 4

Int fun day 2018 5  Int fun day 2018 6

Int fun day 2018 2


Happy Easter - 2018

The PTFA ran another very successful Easter Fayre raising approximately £1,000 for the School. The children had great fun trying to win Easter Eggs on the tombola and the many other stalls that were set up.

Thank you again to all the parents who put so much effort into making these events really enjoyable to our chilren. 


Merry Christmas - 2017

What a wonderful way to begin the Christmas festivities at the OLOG Christmas Fayre. Santa was kept busy with lots of little visitors as the snow fell outside and parents and children enjoyed hot mulled wine, delicious food and live music.

The children really enjoyed the craft stalls, face painting and games as well as eating yummy homemade cakes and popcorn.

A truly big 'THANK YOU' to all the PTFA and staff who helped make the event really special and for raising £2,200 for our School.

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International Fun Afternoon 2017

What a really lovely event! Our first International Afternoon in the new school and everyone had such a great time. We saw some real talent from our children who performed dances, sang and played instruments and the baking skills really showed in the fantastic range of cakes for the Bake Off.

Thanks to the band for entertaining us with great music and a really big thank you to our PTFA for organising yet another success event.

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Easter Fayre 2017

What a wonderful time the children had at our first event in our new school - the Easter Fayre!

There was a great selection of games and stalls for them to enjoy and lots and lots of lovely cakes for them to buy - thank you parents for all your donations and delicious home made treats. We also saw some fantastic creations from children and parents in our egg decorating competition.

A really big thank you to everyone for the hard work put in to getting this event together and for running it on the day - as you can see from the pictures below, it was a great event and which raised £950 for the school.

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Disco Fever! February 2017

What a great way to end our first half term in our new school! The children danced away to their favourite songs and showing great moves on the dance floor. Thanks to all the PTFA for putting this on for the children and helping us raise £535 towards school funds.

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Theatre Trip - 'Oh no it isn't... Oh yes it is!'

What a fantastic time the whole school had when they watched the panto 'Little Red Riding Hood' at Greenwich Theatre. Thank you so much to the PTFA for funding this and to all the parents who helped on the trip.

One of our parents commented - "A magical walk through Greenwich Park and the excitement was palpable. The kids were amazing and so well behaved during the long walk. Once we arrived at the theatre I was impressed at how the kids took their seats and sat expectant for what was to come.

Little Red Riding Hood did not disappoint, from the stage and costumes, the music and songs, the dancing and scripting, the hilarious jokes and quips all part of a panto experience. Most of all was seeing the faces of the children, dancing in their seats, laughing with joy, the Dame, the Wolf, Little Red riding Hood and her Prince  and of course Mr Small who played a starring role in his own right!

I would not have missed it for the world.  I hope the OLG can continue the experience for other children in the years ahead"