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Summer Newsletter - April 2024

Battersea Park Zoo - May 2024

This term, Year 1 took a trip to Battersea Park Zoo. Whilst we were there, we heard about the 3 different food groups and which animals belong to them. We also had a tour around the zoo and learnt many animal facts. Our favourites were the ones about the emus, otters and squirrel monkeys!

Monkeys 1 Capture 1

Goats 1 


Greenwich Maritime Museum

Following our learning in History where were exploring if 'Grace O'Malley was a pirate' we took a visit to Greenwich Museum. On our trip we learned how pirates lived and ate whilst on sea. We smelled some of their treasure which included sugar and spices and then acted out being pirates at sea!

Dscf0580  Dscf0586

Dscf0592  Dscf0607


Dulwich Picture Gallery

During this term we have been learning about the artist Joan Miro and the style of surrealism. We created paintings and sculptures based on the artwork of Joan Miro and heled our own art exhibition to raise funds for a trip to Dulwich gallery, so we could experience and appreciate many different styles of art. During our trip, we studied the different pieces on display and sketched our own replicas. Thank you to the parents whose generosity at the art exhibition made this trip possible.

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Animal Show

Paul Newman, from Ivydale Science and Technology Service in Peckham visited Year 1 children about his collection of animals – he has approximately 300! He brought a selection of bugs and reptiles and talked about their habitats, what they eat and their classification.

The children got the opportunity to hold a milk snake , a tarantula and giant millipedes and they had a brave attitude.

The children loved the show and asked and answered lots of questions. 

Animal show yr 1 4  Animal show yr 1 5

Animal show yr 1 7  Animal show yr 1 17

Please click on the pictures below to see some of our work about the visit: