Year 1 - St David

Woodlands Farm Trip

In Year One, we have been learning about ‘Animals including Humans’. To support this topic, we visited Woodlands Farm. In the morning, we used our five senses to explore the outdoors: we collected from the woods to make our own Dragon Potion, we learnt and practised different bird songs and we played some games. In the afternoon, we had a tour of the farm and found out many interesting facts about the animals they keep there. We also got the opportunity to hold the guinea pigs and stroke a hen. It was a great day out. We enjoyed learning in a different environment. Everyone enjoyed exploring and playing. 

St davids farm 2019 3  St davids farm 2019 1

St davids farm 2019 2


Animal Show

Paul Newman, from Ivydale Science and Technology Service in Peckham visited Year 1 children about his collection of animals – he has approximately 300! He brought a selection of bugs and reptiles and talked about their habitats, what they eat and their classification.

The children got the opportunity to hold a milk snake , a tarantula and giant millipedes and they had a brave attitude.

The children loved the show and asked and answered lots of questions. 

Animal show yr 1 4  Animal show yr 1 5

Animal show yr 1 7  Animal show yr 1 17

Please click on the pictures below to see some of our work about the visit: