School Partnerships

Technology Day - St Pauls

Year 5 visited St Pauls on Tuesday 3rd July. After arriving on a very hot sticky afternoon the class was split into two groups. 

One group attended a Design Technology drawing class where the children applied their sketching skills: the children copied a drawing which was gradually revealed one bit at a time on a grid. A few guessed it was Homer Simpson from only part of the picture being shown - the children were engaged throughout. 

The second group attended a drama taster where they had fun devising freeze frames. In the second part of the afternoon one group devised a dance with a spy theme. The children loved it and maybe they will show their adults at home their choreography! The second group experienced an art taster lesson where they created a piece of art work inspired by the artist Kandinsky.

The afternoon flew and was a great introduction to some of the subjects that children will learn at secondary school. Thank you to all of the staff and young people at St Pauls.


Taster Day - St Ursulas

On Friday the 15th of June, the Year 5 girls were invited to St Ursula's to participate in a taster day called 'Taste for Technology Day'.

They were given the opportunity to work within a purpose built Design and Technology classroom with specialist teachers and take part in various hands-on activities in Textiles, Food Technology and Product Design.

The girls had a fantastic day where they made their very own plastic phone holders using a range of hand tools, utensils and machinery. The girls were particularly impressed with the laser cutter! They also had the opportunity to make hand warmers in textiles and oat biscuits in food technology. The girls were then able to take home the products they had made on the day.

Thank you to St Ursula's for organising such an enjoyable event!

Schools Partnership Scheme - Charlton Athletic

Year 5 were invited to attend an Equality and Diversity Seminar at Charlton Athletic's stadium - The Valley. Children participated in a series of activities with three other local schools highlighting not only our similarities but also what makes us unique. 

Following the seminar, children were given a tour of the stadium and with a spot of luck were able to watch the first team train on the pitch. 

Finally children were given the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of former and current players including Paul Mortimer and Jason Euell - the club's record signing. The day was very inspirational and helped reinforce our school values. 

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Links with Uganda

The School has developed its links with St Anne's School in Uganda.

As a School, we have raised money to help with the school's building expansion programme to provide better quality eductional services for their children. The older classes have written letters to children of the school and have recently had some wonderful replies.

We have sent money for the school to Father Joseph who was delighted to receive this and wrote to us saying - "I am writing with great joy to thank you for the Monies you sent with Mrs Sully. Within 3 days that money was already in my account. In Ugandan shillings, you sent us 1.700.000! The timing was the best for us because it came just in time to meet the most urgent need. We have now bought 5 double-decker beds for our boarding pupils. We have started with 16 boarding pupils, which is a good start. We are concentrating our efforts to putting in place the best environment possible for studying and learning in this countryside of Bbongole. Your donation is taking us to great lengths towards this achievement. Thank you very much! Assure all who contributed that they have effected a great development in St Anne School. For now I wish you many God's blessings."


The school has continued to develop links with St Anne's and have again raised money to help provide better quality educational services for their children.

Father Joseph was delighted to hear this and wrote saying:

It was a great Joy for me to learn that you have done some generous fund-raising for St. Anne in the meantime! For thinking of us and for this generosity we are infinitely grateful!

You gave us two options which I have taken sometime considering since I received your Mail. I have carefully studied the situation on the ground.

I am seeing two outstanding needs that lead us to choose the option of requesting you to send us the first bunch of the Monies at your earliest convenience.

The first Need is the occasion of the soon coming Easter. We could use this Opportunity to give some Motivation to our Teachers.

The second need is the half-closed Dormitory. With your assistance, we can then be able to complete the closing of this Dormitory, making it ready to be used in the Second Term- in May.

I am really very grateful for enabling us do something for God's people.

I wish you many Blessings in the Coming Easter!

Yours always,

Fr Joseph


February 2018

Dear Friend Sean,

I am very glad to give you this Update as I convey our heartfelt Thanks for the financial Assistance you gave us for St.Anne's School (Uganda) from Our Lady of Grace School.

In St.Anne School Bbongole, we opened the first trimester of this year on 5/2/2018.

in one of the Pictures attached to this mail you can see some of the boarding pupils reporting to School from Old Kampala.

They are off-loading their Luggage and Mattresses from the 14-Seater Public Service Minibus that brought us.

On the same day of reporting, we resumed the Work of Dormitory Construction.

At the beginning of last year, we had only constructed the Boys' Dormitory Foundation. Now we have picked up from that stage where we had left it off.

Since we cannot construct the entire Dormitory in one go due to our limited Resources, we have constructed Brick Poles. These Poles will form the Frame support the Walls of the Dormitory once completed.

So far we have almost reached the Beam level, and are glad to have gone that far.

Here in St.Anne's School, we are very grateful to you for the Monies that you sent us at the beginning of this year. These Monies have enabled us to take this recent new step forward of Dormitory Poles' construction.Thank you very much for your Generosity that is giving us life.

Kindly convey our sincere Gratitude to each one that contributed to this noble cause. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

           Devotedly yours,

                              Fr.Joseph Ssemmanda.

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March 2017

Thank you parents and carers for your kind donation of £300 towards works at St Anne's. Father Joe sent this message of thanks.

Dear Sean,

Am overjoyed to confirm to you that the Monies you sent have been credited to my account, in fact it was as early as Monday this Week. Thank you very much for this great assistance. It amounted to 1,300,000 Ugandan Shillings. 

Running a private school is something heavy, but you have helped us lighten this weight. We are very grateful to you Sean for always keeping us in your thoughts and heart. Kindly convey our heart-felt Thanks to all who share your heart and join in contributing to this assistance to our School.

May the good Lord reward you abundantly.

We shall keep in touch.

Keep well Sean.

Yours always,

Joseph Fr


An update from Father Joe - January 2017

Hi Sean,
Am very glad to hear from you while settling in in the new school! I can only imagine how beautiful and exciting it is in the brand new facilities! 
I am infinitely grateful that you keep thinking of us in St.Anne's School in Uganda. We are equally very thankful that you fundraise for us. It is with the support from your gracious donation that we grow day by day.
Last year In November, we involved the local parents. They were concerned about the security of their children at school.
On 25th November 2016 we had Mass in a Tent at school, listened to their concerns. At the end of this interaction the parents came up with a solution. They resolved to complete the Perimeter wall around the school. They then raised funds to have it completed. 
The pictures I have now are of the Mass we had closing the term and fundraising. Then the other pictures show you the work of completing that Perimeter wall, done in December 2016 to January 2017.
We now have 35 Pupils in the Boarding section. The other 165 are day scholars from the neighborhood. The number is growing by the day.This growth in the number of boarding Pupils is encouraging us to build another Dormitory to house them. We have ,therefore, started building the new Dormitory foundation which is shown in our pictures.
The donation from you in Our Lady of Grace School is very timely and will take us another Mile farther in this Dormitory construction. We shall keep you updated.
Thank you very much for your donation to us, and we wish you all-Staff and Learners-many Blessings and many successes in your New School facilities.
Yours always,
Fr.Joseph B.Ssemmanda
Director of St.Anne Bongole Junior School,Uganda.

Mass ceremony  Dorm

Construction  Perimeter wall


More news from St Anne's - March 2016

Dear Sean,

Am very glad to hear from you after a rather long time! I am so glad to receive this Joyful news from you!

Indeed on 19/02/2015, I received Ugandan Shillings 1,416,360/- from you. This is about 360 Pounds. This is a great joy for us in St. Anne Bbongole School! We are very grateful for this financial Support from Our Lady of Grace School.

This Support has come in the right time to boost our Teachers' Salaries payments and to improve on our Sports' life here at St. Anne's. We shall send you a pictorial activity that we we've done before Easter.

Our weather here is horribly hot since January-ranging in 30 degrees Centigrade+.

We are simply very thankful to you and wish you lots of God's Blessing.

Yours always,



Update from Father Joe - November 2015

Dear Sean,

Thank you very much for thinking of us in this Advent Season! I also often think of you!

I share your joy for all the great successes achieved in Our Lady of Grace School! Congratulations on being awarded the accolade of being one of the top performing schools in London.

It is a well-deserved accolade given the ethos and dynamism in Our Lady of Grace School.

We were extremely delighted to host Pope Francis in Uganda - yes for us he is Papa! We deeply particularly loved his Message to the Youth - "To always turn negative life experiences into positivity for the future!"

I was privileged to attend the Mass he led at the Uganda Martyrs' Basilika in Namugongo.

For St. Anne's School, Bbongole, we had solar energy installed and a Television Set bought. The purpose of this was to give a chance to our Children and the people in the village to watch the Pope on Screen. They will never forget this experience!

I can imagine the business invested in the rehearsals for the Christmas performances. I wish you the best in all these activities and we thank you very much for considering St. Anne's School in your expected Charity action.

May God bless you abundantly.

Devotedly yours always

Fr. Joseph Ssemmanda

St annes   St annes 2