Year 2 - St Gerard


Summer Newsletter - April 2024


Trip to Horniman Museum - March 2024

For our topic on habitats, Year 2 embarked on an exciting journey to the Horniman Museum, a treasure trove of knowledge about the natural world. As we stepped into the museum, we experienced workshops and exhibits showcasing various habitats from around the globe. From lush rainforests to icy polar regions, each display transported us to different ecosystems, teeming with life. We marveled at the diversity of animals and plants that call these habitats home. Through hands-on activities and engaging exhibits, we gained a deeper understanding of how living organisms interact with their environments and the importance of conserving habitats for future generations. It was an inspiring day of discovery, sparking our curiosity and igniting our passion for protecting the precious habitats of our planet.



On Wednesday 25th May, St Gerards class were visited by Detective Constable Rasheed Alawiye, who showed us his amazing commendations for his work within the Metropolitan Police. The children were so inspired and played different logic based games to get them thinking about the role of a detective.

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'What an exciting afternoon Year 2 had with Hazel from the London Fire Brigade come in and talk to us about fire safety. We had such a fun time spotting all the hazards, showing Hazel our thumbs up if an item in our home was safe or thumbs down if it wasnt! We learnt all about what to do if we are ever in a fire and we even know the number to call if we are in an emergency, remember it's 999!' 

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