Teaching and Learning

Statutory requirements are met in teaching the National Curriculum in all subjects. The curriculum is well balanced and enables all pupils to make good or better progress.

Where possible, outside agencies are invited in to reinforce the learning within the classroom.

As part of enriching the curriculum, the children go out on trips to various centres, museums, galleries, theatres etc.



PSHE Education helps pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage the many opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face as they grow up.

By teaching pupils to stay safe and healthy, by building self-esteem, resilience and empathy, barriers to learning can be overcome, aspirations raised and the life chances of all pupils can be improved.

  • Develop self-esteem and respect for others
  • Consider other’s needs and behaviour
  • Show empathy
  • Explore relationships with friends, family and others
  • Develop a sense of belonging


New National Curriculum

The new curriculum has been developed to deliver the expectations of the new National Curriculum from September 2014.

The curriculum has been designed with a thematic approach for the majority of subjects. English, Maths, RE, Science and P.E. have been designed to be taught as discrete subjects, with links to topics where appropriate.

We have ensured there is full coverage of the new National Curriculum and a clear progression of skills and knowledge within each subject.

We follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Phonics programme and the Oxford Reading Tree scheme books at KS1.

(Please refer to the termly Curriculum Plans section).

Should you require any further information about the Curriculum, please contact the Mr Small, Headteaacher via the school office (


Curriculum Events

Classes go out on their own individual trips which you can read about under their class heading. We also put on events for the whole school to enjoy. These are detailed below:



KS2 Sports Day 2019

Despite a little light shower of rain, the KS2 sports day went off really well. The children had such a great time taking part in their favourite races (shoe, sack, bean bag, egg and spoon, skipping) and real support for each other when pairing up with their team mates for the wheelbarrow and relay races.

Well done to all the children - another really successful event!


Sports day 2019 4  Sports day 2019 2

Sports day 2019 1  Sports day 2019 3

Sports day 2019 5  Sports day 2019 6


KS1 Sports Day 2019

During a week that wouldn't stop raining and a rescheduled venue for EYFS & KS1 Sports Day, the children still managed to have a really fun and exciting time.

Their enthusiasm and support for each other was really great to see, cheering on their peers and putting their best efforts into all the different events - running, skipping, egg & spoon, sack and hurdle races.

Well done children, you should be very proud!

Img 0006  Img 0016

Img 0036  Img 9949

Img 9954  Img 9963

Img 9966


Arty Party

The week before half term we were very lucky to have ‘Arty Party ‘ come into school to work with the children to produce a special Piece of art for OLOG. The children from Years 2,3 and 4 were lucky enough to be chosen to work on the painting of ‘Our Playground ‘ which is now displayed in the lower corridor for all to see.

The children had a fantastic time painting and using papier-mâché to make the 3D relief figures.

Everyone is thrilled with the end result and so a big thank you to the PTFA for their generosity in funding this project.

Arty party


British Science Week - March 2019

The children had a wonderful time taking part in a variety of activities for British Science Week. 

Please click on the link below to read more about it:

British Science Week

They also entered a competition and we had some really fantastic entries. Well done to all the children who took part and especially to the winners. Below are photos of their entries:

Science comp 2019 2  Science comp 2019 3

Science comp 2019 4  Science comp 2019 5

Science comp 2019 6


World Book Day - March 2019

At Our Lady of Grace, we celebrated World Book Day by coming to school with our favourite books and dressed in our PJs. Afterall it’s lovely to read when you are cosy.

The special message this World Book Day was the pleasures of reading and sharing a story, every day. Spending just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their outcome and it’s fun for all involved. You can read together anywhere and everywhere, from breakfast to bedtime! In the park, on the train, on the sofa, on a plane – reading and sharing stories can happen anywhere at any time.

The children took part in various fun and creative reading and writing opportunities to really promote a love of books and of reading not just for pleasure but also for a purpose. Children read not only with their classmates but with children in different classes. They were given an opportunity to share and read various books. The adults also read and shared their favourite children’s books.

Here are a selection of photos:

Img 2173  Img 2238

Img 2194  Img e2186

Img 2209  Img e2181

Img 2210  Win 20190307 13 34 26 pro 1

Img 2164  Img e2170


Author Visit

Yesterday, we had a special visitor in school, Nigel Hinton.  Nigel is an author of children’s books and he talked to us about how he creates stories.  We learnt so much about story writing and then we remembered his tips when we wrote our own stories in class.  Here are some of the things we learnt…

  1. Ask yourself questions, like “What is my character’s name?”  “Where does s/he live?” 
  2. Use my own experiences and feelings when I’m writing. e.g if I’m writing a scary story, how did I feel when I was scared?
  3. Use pictures, photos and objects to focus your mind

We really enjoyed meeting a real author! Thanks to the PTFA for making this possible.


Internet Safety Workshop

Thank you to all those parents who attended the Internet Safety Workshop.

It was an informative session, giving advice and guidance on the use of technology with children. Many thanks to Ken Palmer for leading the presentation.



EYFS Phonics Workshop

Thank you to all the Reception parents came to watch Phonics and Maths teaching sessions in both reception classes. Parents had a first-hand experience of what the sessions entail. Parents were shown different blending and segmenting techniques they can use when supporting their children at home and the maths system we use in school. We hope you found the sessions very informative.

Dscn3967  Dscn3968


Maths Workshop for Parents

A big thank you to everyone that attended the Maths Workshop today. The feedback was very positive, and I hope to run more workshops later in the year focusing on Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 separately. The PowerPoint and handouts are attached below and may be printed out for you to use with your child.

Many thanks, Mary Dowd

Parents Mastery Maths Presentation

Master Booklet for Parents

Calculation Guidance



The whole school enjoyed the performance of Pinocchio put on by Image Theatre. They really enjoyed the story and pupils were chosen to take part in the production and what a great show it was! Thanks to the PTFA for funding this for the children. We are extremely grateful.



Sports Day 2018

On a very hot and sunny Thursday afternoon the whole school took part in our annual Sports Day at Blackheath Rugby Club. 

Thank you to all the parents who helped walk the children to and from the field - we really appreciated it.

The children had a great time taking part in a wide range of races - running, skipping, jumping, balancing bean bags on their heads, wheelbarrow racing and trying not to drop their egg on their spoons!

Well done to all the children (and parents) for taking part.

Sports day 2018 1  Sports day 2018 2

Sports day 2018 4  Sports day 2018 5  Sports day 2018 6


Phonics Meeting

The Year One team held a parent’s information meeting about ‘Phonics at Our Lady of Grace’.

We looked at the importance of phonics and provided information about the Phonic Screening Check that all Year One children undertake in June.  As part of the meeting we provided parents with a few usual ways they can help their child with learning phonics at home. The PowerPoint has all the information that we shared with parents.

Year 1 Phonics Meeting


Book Fair & Sponsored Read

In March we held our regular Book Fair each evening after School.

Because of your support for reading and the love of books, we as a School have earned £737.82 commission – this is to be spent on more books for our classes.

In addition, our Sponsored Read generated an amazing £706.90 which together with commission from Usborne Publishers, means the school has an additional £1,131.04 to spend on books.

In these days of increasingly tight budgets, this is wonderful news!

A special mention should be made to Sofia in EYFS who has won £20 of Usborne Books because she raised the most sponsorship money.

Well done to those children who took part in the Sponsored Read – and to their families and friends. We are so grateful to you all.


Year 6 SATs

Thank you to those parents attended the SATs session. Please click on the link below to see the presentation:



EYFS Phonics Workshop

Reception parents came in to watch Phonics teaching sessions in both reception classes over two days. The school uses Synthetic Phonics to develop children’s early reading and writing skills. Parents had a first-hand experience of what the sessions entail. Parents were shown different blending and segmenting techniques they can use when supporting their children at home.   

Eyfs phonics jan 18 1  Eyfs phonics jan 18 3


EYFS Maths Workshop

Addition was the focus of the parents workshop on 29th and Tuesday 30th January. Parents observed two teaching sessions where teachers used different play methods and resources to teach the concept of addition. Both sessions were well attended by parents. Feedback given by parents confirms that they found the sessions very helpful.

Eyfs maths jan 18 1  Eyfs maths jan 18 3


Maths Workshop for Parents

Thank you to all those who attended the Maths workshop this morning; there was a great turnout and lots of positive feedback! The workshop explained the new mastery approach to teaching maths that we have implemented this year. Please see Mrs Dowd if you would like any further information.

Please click on the link below to see the presentation:

Maths Mastery Presentation


Christmas Musical Showcase

The children have clearly worked incredibly hard on their musical showcase this autumn term and produced a wonderful concert for parents and the entire school to enjoy. It's wonderful to see so many children learning an instrument - a skill that will stay with them for life - and appearing to revel in it. "Last Christmas" was a clear favourite among pupils and the tribute to George Michael was particularly moving.

Steve Mac never fails to capture their imagination and the children so obviously love his lessons. He and his son deserve huge congratulations for the important role they play in the school and ensuring it had a strong musical tradition. I am looking forward to next year already. Caroline Malley, Chair of Governors


Hansel & Gretel

The whole school enjoyed the performance of Hansel & Gretel put on by Image Theatre. Some lucky pupils were chosen to take part in the production and what a great show it was!

Img 2395  Img 2409


Summer Reading Scheme

Our Lady of Grace loves a challenge! Especially one which involves reading!

These children go along to their local libraries all the time. During the summer holidays, they read 6 library books and completed a series of fun tasks. Well done to our fantastic readers!




Sports Day

On your marks... What a great sports day we had!

Firstly a big thank you to all the parents who helped walk the children up to Blackheath Rugby Club from our new school - we really appreciated it.

The children had a great time running, skipping, jumping, balancing bean bags on their heads, wheelbarrow racing and trying not to drop their egg on their spoons!

Well done to all the children (and parents) for taking part.

Dscn0442  Dscn0447

Dscn0452  Dscn0458

Dscn0472  Dscn0473

Dscn0467  Dscn0457


Maths Day

On Wednesday 22nd February we held a maths workshop for the children.

The children were paired up and had great fun solving a wide range of problems using the skills they have learnt. It was lovely to see the children having so much fun, working hard and using fantastic mathematical vocabulary!

A big thank you to Mrs Steenkamp for arranging the day; we look forward to next year! 

Img 0176  Img 0223

Img 0217  Img 0287

Img 0277 Img 0294


English Workshops

A HUGE thank you to those parents who came to the English 'taster' sessions in Years 1, 2, 3 and 6.

The teacher's in each of these classes had invited parents to observe the teaching of writing and, judging by the comments left at the Reception office, they were very successful.

We will be continuing to offer 'taster' sessions in other classes and other curriculum areas later in the year.


'Beauty and the Beast'

The whole school watched and took part in a production of Beauty and the Beast which was put on by Image Theatre. They were completely enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Img 8835  Img 8883

Img 8916  Img 8929