Teaching and Learning

OLOG has a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure progression of knowledge, skills and understanding across the school. The OLOG curriculum is subject based and has been developed to deliver the expectations and coverage of the 2014 National Curriculum. Our curriculum challenges and motivates our children by providing them with a variety of experiences including cross- curricular links when applicable. Our curriculum is designed so that our children can be active agents in their own learning. Through high but realistic expectations, positive relationships and the instilling of Gospel Values we ensure that every OLOG child can achieve their full potential and become well rounded individuals ready for the next stage of their education. Our vision for each subject is outlined below.

English (reading)

At OLOG we  encourage children to become enthusiastic and critical readers of all forms of the printed word, both fiction and non-fiction; to interact with the text analytically and thereby establish a lifelong interest in reading, writing and speaking and listening. We use Little Wandle’s Letters and Sounds Revised, a complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme which gives our children an excellent  foundation in reading and writing.

English (writing)

At OLOG, we enable our children to express themselves creatively, imaginatively and accurately through a range of genres in order that they can communicate effectively with others.


At OLOG children master the mathematical skills of fluency, reasoning and problem solving to gain skills to be systematic and resilient thinkers and to be equipped with valuable  life skills.

Religious Education

At OLOG, we prepare children to be part of a community in which they can develop their faith and the living out of Gospel values with understanding, dignity and  freedom. We focus upon the whole person who is created in the  image and likeness of God and the core values of: love, courage, perseverance and co-operation. Through living these out together, the children understand if we do our best God will do the rest.


At OLOG, we develop children to think, act and grow as scientists and be led by their own curiosity. We provide them with opportunities to  understand and question the everchanging world in which we live.

Art and Design

At OLOG, we develop children’s artistic skills and encourage them to express their creativity and individuality inspired by various artists and cultures.


At OLOG, our Computing Curriculum aims to support the growth of independent, confident learners, who can safely and effectively engage with a wide range of technology. The computing curriculum  helps children to recognise and appreciate the relevance and benefits of technology in our school environment.

Design and Technology

At OLOG, our Design and Technology  Curriculum prepares our children to take part in the development of tomorrow’s changing world. It encourages the children to think creatively, learn practical skills, use a range of simple classroom tools effectively and evaluate  both their own work and the work of others.

Early Years

At OLOG, our Early Years setting provides the foundation blocks of lifelong learning through exploration, learning and play which builds character and develops emotional resilience and independence.


OLOG is an ethnically diverse community in which we want our children to develop understanding and respect of all cultures as well as learn key physical and human geographical features of the world.


At OLOG, our History  Curriculum aims to explore and offer our children a sense of chronology; through this they can develop an individual sense of identity and a cultural understanding based on their historical heritage. Opportunities are provided so that they can value their own culture and the cultures of other in a modern Britain. By considering how people lived in the past, children are empowered to make choices in their own lives today.

French (Modern Foreign Language)

At OLOG, children develop basic language learning skills, knowledge and vocabulary for global communication


At OLOG, we encourage children to grow in creativity and express themselves musically.


At OLOG, we aim for children to develop their physical skills through the practice and building of sporting values to foster a lifelong love  for physical activity and a healthty lifestyle


Curriculum Events

Classes go out on their own individual trips which you can read about under their class heading. We also put on events for the whole school to enjoy. These are detailed below:



The school's World Book Day festivities on March 7th and 8th were a hit. Students engaged in canvas painting of favourite characters, attended an inspiring poetry assembly by Emma M. Gordon, and embarked on a lively treasure hunt with teachers in character. They also entered illustration, poetry, and short story competitions, fostering creativity. Additionally, students had the chance to read with peers from various year groups, enhancing their love for literature and camaraderie.

To enrich the experience, we organised an engaging line up of activities to foster a love for literature amongst our students.

Firstly, we partnered with Arty Party to conduct a special art session where Year 2 pupils collaborated to create a canvas featuring their favourite storybook characters.

To add to the festivities, our dedicated staff dressed up as beloved traditional characters. Students embarked on an exciting treasure hunt, with each teacher guiding them through clues to discover various characters.

In addition, we hosted a series of competitions including a poetry competition, book cover competition, and short story competition, with enticing prizes for the winners. These initiatives were designed to celebrate and encourage the joy of reading while showcasing our students' creativity and literary talents.

World book day 3 World book day march 24

World book day 4

Boys and Girls Football Tournament - St Paul's Academy

The boys' football team took part in the St Paul's Academy tournament in February. The squad of 6 boys were outstanding from start to finish, conceding only 2 goals throughout the tournament and going unbeaten. The final was a tense affair with St Patrick's ending in a draw, but the boys came out on top in a penalty shoot-out to see them take home the trophy. They should be extremely proud of their efforts.

The girls' football team performed with great credit at the St Paul's Academy tournament in early March. They improved with every game, winning one group game, draw another and 2 narrow defeats which unfortunately meant they were knocked out after the group stages.   They visibly grew in confidence in each game and represented the school with pride.

Boys football feb 24  Girls football

St Patrick's Day - March 2024

To celebrate and honour St. Patrick's Day, the Irish dance group showcased their talent during the school assembly. Their performance brought the spirit of Irish culture to life and was enjoyed by all!

St patricks 2 march 24 St patricks march 24






School Council Reading Event

To promote reading and build friendships,  School Council members read with their peers across the school. During quiet reading time the School Council members visited each class and read with a variety of pupils, they discussed the books and helped younger pupils decode any difficult words. 

Win 20230704 13 33 17 pro Win 20230704 13 35 16 pro

Win 20230704 13 37 38 pro Win 20230630 13 24 32 pro Win 20230704 13 33 44 pro Win 20230704 13 36 04 pro


Image Theatre

The pupils of Our Lady of Grace School had the amazing opportunity to watch the production of 'Wind in the Willows' performed by the Image Theatre Company. The pupils were thoroughly engaged throughout and it was lovely to see the children being involved and enjoying the experience of live theatre in school. 

Win 20230620 11 16 01 pro  Win 20230620 11 08 33 pro

Win 20230620 10 38 38 proWin 20230620 10 32 07 pro


Animal Workshop

Paul Newham from Ivydale Science and Technology Services visited both Year 4
classes on Wednesday 3rd May. He brought with him a range of animals to show
the children and talked about their habitats and how to classify them into
groups and subgroups. Some children showed such confidence and maturity when
handling the animals. We learnt lots of interesting scientific facts and new
vocabulary like the word Arthropod.

Living things 1 Living things 5

Living things 4 Living things 7Living things 7


WORLD BOOK DAY - April 25th 2023

This year, children at OLOG celebrated World Book Day with the poet- Zohab Zee Khan who delivered inspiring assemblies throughout the day to each Key Stage. This included performances from the poet himself and children writing their own poems during their session.

World book day 1 World book day 2

World book day 3 World book day 4


British Science Week 2023

Great fun was had as OLOG immersed itself in British Science Week. We welcomed in Rosie from ‘As Creatives’ who kickstarted our learning with an interesting assembly introducing the concept of connections within Science, engineering and the world around us.

Each year group participated in a workshop tailored around a different scientist, looking at their connections to their work and everyday life. Below are the scientists the children learnt about through quizzes, role play and classroom study:

EYFS: Elijah McCoy, who changed the railways for ever, making possible the long journeys that make the world today a little smaller!

Year 1: Lyda Newman, who patented the first modern-day hairbrush by moving away from animal fibres and towards purpose-centred approaches.

Year 2: Charles Henry Turner, and his work on ways in which termite colonies respond individually and collectively to changes in their environments.

Year 3: Sarah Goode, whose understanding of the ways in which different forces act was behind her invention of the world’s first fold-up bed!

Year 4: Marie Curie, the double-Nobel winner whose work with radioactivity expanded our knowledge and understanding of the structure of the human body.

Year 5: Katherine Johnson, whose ground-breaking work leading a team of NASA computer programmers allowed the Apollo missions to land humans on the moon.

Year 6: Charles Richard Drew, whose early attempts to study at medical school were thwarted by racist authorities – but who went on to save millions of loves by revolutionising how we collect, store, transport and use blood products.

I would also like to extend my thanks for the clear support so many children received in the creation of their entries for the Science Poster Competition.

It was such a challenge to choose winners because of the sheer number of outstanding entries! I hope that you enjoyed learning with or from your child as they produced such wonderful outcomes. Miss Pearce.

Science week 23  

The winners were: EYFS: River;  Year 1/2: Teddy;   Year 3/4: Luna;   Year 5/6: Sonia




On 3rd March, children celebrated World Book Day’s 25 anniversary by dressing up in their pyjamas! The fun packed day was kickstarted with an investigation. Children witnessed evidence of an ongoing investigation in the assembly hall which led to them writing their own stories around it. In the afternoon, classes were paired up for children to buddy up and read with another pupil from a different class.

WBD 2022        WBD 2022       Ks1 world book day

Following on from the World Book Day celebrations, on the 8th of March, KS2 had the privilege of meeting award winning British author Abiola Bello.  We learned many things about her journey into the writing world and discovered the many challenges she faced including being told “NO” by many publishing houses before she was finally published.  As part of this exciting workshop, KS2 created their own exciting stories following on from their brainstorming session with Abiola.



On Friday 11th March, we were fortunate enough to welcome Rosie from ‘As Creative’s Educational Workshops to lead our Science Day. Rosie started the day with a thought provoking assembly introducing the children to the concept of ‘Growing Gold’ ideas in response to combatting global warming. This introduction was followed with a workshop tailored to each year group; Year 6 began the day by debating action needed by government bodies to address climate change in both the UK and affected countries globally. Across the school our approach to climate change was explored; and through a mix of drama, quizzes and debates the children were challenged to consider how they can play an active role in making positive changes.

I learnt a lot of new things from Rosie. My favourite part was acting out the different types of transport that we should take instead of using the car, as they are not good for the environment. – Wilhelmina, St Gerard


My favourite part of the workshop was acting out the different scenes to show how a can is recycled.Isaac, St Elizabeth


We found our session fun and interactive. We learnt that it is better to support our local shops, where we can buy local produce. – Dave and Peggy, St Francis of Assisi


I found my workshop informative and it got me thinking about changing my shopping habits. We should buy things that last longer, for example: Rather than buying plastic toys, we should buy wooden ones as plastic has one use. – Chukwubuoyim, St Peter


I was shocked to learn that every 3 seconds a tree is cut down. In Year 6 we agreed that humans need to do more to keep our planet healthy and safe for future generations. Jerry, Oscar Romero


Supporting maths learning at home

White Rose Maths has created a new 1-Minute Maths app that helps pupils to build greater number confidence and fluency. It’s all about targeted practice in engaging, one-minute chunks. This app will enable you to support your children with subitising, addition and subtraction at home. 

Please search 'White Rose 1 minute maths' in your app store to download, or visit this link:

Maths Week

We combined out Maths and Art Lessons this week for Maths Week! We used geometry skills to create these optical illusions! The main maths skill that we used was measuring. We had to be very accurate with our rulers! It was great fun and we feel proud of our creations!

Maths week 7 Maths week 8 Maths week 3 Maths week 4 Maths week 1 Maths week 2



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