Year 5 - St Elizabeth

Royal Observatory 

On the 18th January, Year 5 visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Blessed with blue skies, we walked to Greenwich Park ready for our educational tour. Splitting into two groups, we were led by two very knowledgeable astronomers who had the answers to all of our questions! The day began with a fascinating show in the Planetarium which took us on a journey through the universe. After, we took part in an informative workshop all about the Earth, Sun and Moon, before finally locating the historical ‘Prime Meridian line’ - where East meets West.

The following was reported by some of our Year 5 pupils:

 “I thought it was amazing, the Planetarium was unreal. I thought I was dreaming.”

 – Haggen, St Patrick

“I liked touching the 4.5 billion year old asteroid.”

– Max, St Patrick

“The Planetarium was impressive. I was amazed by all the planets in the solar system.”

- Khloe, St Elizabeth

“I enjoyed the self-led activity because we got to work together. It was fun to work as a team to complete the word search and then we had the chance to create our own comic.”

- Dylan, St Elizabeth

Adults and children alike – we all came away having learnt something new about our solar system!


Royal observatory 3Royal observatory 4Royal observatory 7Royal observatory 8


STEM Workshop

Students enjoyed a visit from Network Rail workers. Students listened as they discussed the countless career opportunities Network Rail offers. Students participated in the workshop by becoming designers and engineers. Their task was to design and construct a skyscraper using only A4 paper and sticky tape. The challenge was to create a structure that could stand on its own and reach one meter in length. Students worked collaboratively with their peers to adhere to the task guidelines.

Students had the following things to say after the workshop:

I enjoyed learning about the different jobs involved in Network Rail. It made me think I might want to work for them when I’m older! – Harvey 

My favourite part of the workshop was building the skyscapers because we had the chance to feel like we were engineers – Elo

Stem workshop 2  Stem workshop 3

Stem workshop 4  Stem workshop 1


Animal Show

Year 5 children attended an Animal Show, where an expert spoke to the children about a range of animals from arthropods to reptiles. The children engaged with their new learning by being up close and personal with living animals. The children came away from the experience with the knowledge and understanding of habitats, ecosystems, and interesting facts about each animal. See our student reflections for what they took away from this valuable learning experience.

Animal show nov 19 8  Animal show nov 19 15

Animal show nov 19 20  Animal show nov 19 25

Animal show nov 19 32


Royal Observatory

Year 5 visited the Royal Observatory at Greenwich on the 5th November.  After a beautiful brisk walk through Greenwich Park we watched an inspiring show in the Planetarium which took us on a journey through our Universe.  We then found the historical Prime Meridian line, where East meets West and finally took part in a workshop all about the Earth, Sun and Moon. The astronomer amazed us with facts about the Sun, Planets and Moon that even the adults were fascinated by.

Naya reported, “When we were watching the show in the Planetarium, I felt like I was flying.”

William Stubbs reported, “I enjoyed the Planetarium as I learnt about the Moons and the Rocky and Gas Planets – Uranus has 27 Moons.”

Ask your children what they have learnt – you will be astounded!


Internet Safety

On the 8th October, Year Five were visited by Haz, an internet safety specialist! He talked to us about how to stay safe when using the internet, social networks, apps and games. We were given key guidelines:

  1. Be a friend, not a bully
  2. Pause before you post online
  3. Don’t get played while playing online
  4. Online friends are not always true friends
  5. Keep your account details private and secure
  6. Don’t be a phish! Be cautious of phishing emails.

Kpmg cyber day 2019 2  Cyber day yr 5 2


Fire Safety Talk

On the 9th October, Year Five were visited by the London Fire Brigade to learn about fire safety. The children learnt that fire kills, destroys homes and spreads quickly. They were also taught that smoke can be as dangerous as fire, how smoke alarms work, and how to make sure they are working properly. The children were also taught how to prevent fires from occurring, what to do if there was a fire in their house and how to call 999. Thank you to Hazel from the LFB Education Team for paying us a visit!