Year 4 - St Francis of Assisi

In Year 4, we have been exploring the book 'Gorilla' written and illustrated by the amazing Anthony Browne.  This delightful story is about a little girl named Hannah.  Hannah loves gorillas; she reads stories about them, watches them on TV and draws them.  Despite this, she has never seen a real gorilla...

We have worked really hard to plan, draft and edit an informal letter.  We learnt about the different features of an informal letter and we have included these in our writing.  In our Grammar starters, we have been focusing on fronted adverbials and conjuntions which you will be able to find in our letters!

As well as this, we created comic strips to practice our sequencing skills.  It will also help us to write an alternative ending to Gorilla for our next piece of writing which we are really exited about! 


Title Date  
St Francis of Assisi 1 07th Oct 2020 Download
St Francis of Assisi 2 07th Oct 2020 Download