Year 4 - St Francis of Assisi

In Year 4, we have been studying Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond.  This graphic novel has award winning illustrations that have captivated the pupils in St. Francis of Assisi and St Martin de Porres.  We have been writing narratives that are based on the book but with a special twist!  The children have taken the theme from the story and created their own versions of a world where the gods have given them power to create animals that they like.  We have also been looking at how writers use animals to captivate their readers imagination, analysing different types of fiction.

(please click on the downloads below to view samples of our work)


Title Date  
St Francis of Assisi 1 Spring Term 22 04th Feb 2022 Download
St Francis of Assisi 2 Spring Term 22 04th Feb 2022 Download