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No Idling Campaign

On Monday 1st November, we welcomed representatives from the Mayor of London’s Vehicle Idling Campaign to work with our Upper Junior children.

The children of St Oscar Romero, St Patrick and  St Elizabeth attended workshops where they learnt about the effects of vehicle idling on their health and the environment. The children also had to design a poster to persuade others to turn their engines off when vehicles are stationary.

At the end of the day, some of the children put on high viz jackets and went out to talk to parents about the dangers of leaving an engine running. The children were impressed that so many of our parents do not have their engines running outside the school gate.

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Mini Vinnies

On Tuesday 15th of October, Alec from the St Vincent de Paul Society came to Our Lady of Grace to share with us the wonderful work of Minnie Vinnies.

Year 6 participated in an eye opening workshop where they explored first-hand the perils and difficulties of being homeless. This was followed by a whole school assembly where we learnt about what Minnie Vinnies stand for and their mission in the local community. 

Minnie Vinnies is the youth based sub-division of St Vincent de Paul who..."Meeting once a week or fortnightly either during lunchtimes or after school, Mini Vinnies members gather and pray together in their schools, to talk about those around them who need our help, and think of ways they can help those people"

Here's what Alec had to say about his visit:

Wonderful! The class were very well behaved and made two excellent shelters. It was also very clear when talking to the children that you have maintained a good Catholic ethos. I know you will do exceptionally well with the Mini Vinnies. I can't wait to hear about your future projects.

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Car Free Day

What a fantastic day everyone had taking part in one of Londons biggest events - Car Free Day.

With the assistant from the local police, the road outside school was closed to vehicles and staff, parents and pupils came to school on their bikes, scooters, parking and striding or walking. 

There was a great atmosphere and a real thumbs up from parents and carers. 

Children from various years also went out on to the street and draw some amazing pictures and slogans to support the message of climate change and sustainable travel.

Here is what some of our parents had to say:

  • I just wanted to pass on my thanks to the school and particularly the local police who helped the car free day happen. I was talking to many people who said the community atmosphere on the street was so special and most importantly the kids really enjoyed the walk there & playing outside the school. Things like this really help to bring there school and the local community together. In the words of my 7 year old daughter ‘it was such an amazing exciting day!’. Please can we do it regularly!
  • I wanted to congratulate OLOG for participating in the free car day last Friday The drop off for Louie felt safer and calmer with cars not being allowed in front of the school. I hope we have more of these days.

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Greenwich Young Voices Choir Competition

On Saturday 15th June, I was priviledged to see twenty children from Our Lady of Grace compete in the Greenwich Young Voices Choir Competition. 

Five schools in total took part and I cannot express how proud and impressed I was at the performance our children put on. Their parents were cheering them on and the judges were really impressed too. They gave each school feedback after they performed and this is what they said about our Choir:

  • amazing and very passionate
  • their hard work really paid off
  • they had great confidence
  • the transition of key changes was brilliant
  • special thanks to the director of the choir

It was so wonderful to see our children perform to their very best and it really did pay off - they came home with the 2nd place trophy - absolutely fantastic! We also had a real surprise when we received our prize - an amazing selection of musical instruments - guitar, violin, electric keyboard, music stands and lots of other bits too. Thank you to the New Wine Church for such brilliant equipment.

Thank you children for making your school and parents very proud and a big thank you to Julie Robins the music teacher for making this happen. A really memorable event. Anna Sully, Governor

Angel (Year 4) - On Saturday 15th June we had our first choir competition. We sang two songs, Siyahumba and Bring You Praise. We were judged by three popular singers and musicians. We finished the competition in 2nd place and won a trophy and certificate. After, we were treated to some tasty and delicious refreshments.

The best way to explain the day was exciting and proud because we sang very well and we all say thank you to the judges.

Elo (Year 4) - The performance was great! All of the choirs were great too. There were three judges there who had worked with people like Kirk Franklin and one was a running up on The Voice! Our choir sang two songs and I think we were AMAZING!

Choir concert 2019 1


TfL Visit - Safety and Citizenship

Year 6 were visited by Transport for London. They had a very informative session and learnt a lot of valuable tips on travelling around London. Melissa, who works for Transport for London, taught the children how to stay safe and highlighted potential dangers. The children were thoroughly engaged and now feel a lot more confident in preparation for travelling to secondary school.

Nina - “Transport for London came in and told us all the things we have to know when we are going somewhere on our own. This helped me know what to do in certain situations and the videos showed us the dangerous things that could happen."


Woolwich Carnival

What a fantastic day at Woolwich Carnival!

Children, both past and present, turned up and braved the weather to be part of Woolwich Carnival. The children (and adults!) thoroughly enjoyed themselves and a fantastic day was had by all. The theme of the carnival was ‘One tree, many roots’ which was certainly evident on the day; there was a fantastic atmosphere and it was lovely to see so many people from different backgrounds coming together as one community.

A big thank you to everyone that took part, especially the parents and teachers for giving up their time. Finally to TARU for doing an amazing job coming into school and preparing the children for the carnival.

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Community Police

Year 6 were visited by the Police! They were here to give us support and advice.

They told us all about what we might expect at Secondary School and also told us lots of things about Social Media.

We were reminded again about our right to privacy and the different ways in which we can protect ourselves.

Lots of us asked questions abuot mobile phones. We were reminded that we shouldn't walk along holding a phone, looking down and crossing the road. That we should be aware of the need to keep our phones safe and of what to do should be lose it - or if it was stolen.


Road Safety

Year 4 were visited by John Butcher from the Road Safety team at Greenwich Council. He talked to the children about the important road safety messages and the Green Cross Code in a fun and engaging way.

The topics covered included behaviour on and around roads, distractions, wearing a seat belt and crossing between parked cars.

John also talked to the children about the Youth Travel Ambassadors scheme to help raise awareness of road safety and safety issues.

Thank you John for visiting us - the workshop was very informative and the children really enjoyed taking part.

Dscn1331  Dscn1334

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Fire Safety

Laura Sullivan from the London Fire Brigade Education Team held a fire safety workshop for children in Years 2 and 5. They took part in a number of activities and discussed how to keep safe from fire.


Red, White and Black Day

On Saturday 11th March, Year 5 joined 24 other local schools in a parade to celebrate Charlton Athletic's annual Red, White and Black Day fixture which focuses on Equality and Diversity.

The children were proud to carried our banner and processed from Charlton Station to The Valley and around the ground before watching an exciting football game between Charlton and Walsall. What a great day they had!

Dominic: The players were all different but were a team. In life, even though we are special in our own way, we should work together and treat people equally. 
Irene: In our school, we have different skin colours, different races, different nationalities, but we all sat together and supported Charlton - we all cheered when they scored. Dominic went wild!   
Donel: Although they didn't win the game, all players tried their best. Afterwards, they congratulated the other team on a good game. 
It was great to spend time as a community outside of school, because it shows that we all care about each other, even when we are not at Our Lady of Grace. 
'When can we come again!?' Parent

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'Tis the Season to be Jolly..'

Year 5 sang their hearts out in support of Greenwich and Bexley Cottage Hospice on Wednesday 7th December in Eltham High Street. They sang so beautifully they attracted a large crowd of passer by. One even commented - 'looking at those smiling faces and listening to the lovely songs made me feel like Christmas was today - well done OLOG!'


Road Safety

Ann Grant from Greenwich Transport worked with children in EYFS and Reception on Road Safety. They covered topics on holding hands, be bright be seen, feet on the street and safe places to cross.

The children enjoyed the workshop and especially the role play and dressing up! Thank you Ann.

Road safety yr 1 nov 16


Helping the Homeless

Beth, from 'St Mungo's' Charity for the homeless, came to our school to thank us for our contributions to the charity and to tell us more about the work they do.

Our Christmas donations and the proceeds of 'Woolly Hat Day' will go towards providing much needed help for those who find themselves sleeping rough on the streets of our city.

Beth's account of the work they do - to 'help people to help themselves' left a real impression on us all.

Eliza - St Mungo's is a caring charity that helps the homeless, the charity started in 1969. St Mungo's helps around 1,400 people every night. Here are some values that we should use to help:

Compassion: we must feel for the homeless. Co-operation: we all brought in a pound and also donated the money raised before Christmas. Acceptance: we think of the homeless as different but we should accept them because they are the same as us. Justice: It isn't fair that there are so many cold, alone and frightened people living on the streets.

Ella - Acceptance: to accept these people and to accept we need to help them and do all in our power to. Commitment: To commit to helping these people. Compassion: To understand how it must feel for them to be alone, upset and cold and to help them.


Young Voices at the O2

Children from our Choir had a fantastic time performing with thousands of other school children at the O2.

Young Voices combines the power of singing together as one, with accompaniment from a wide range of musicians and artists, to create an amazing performance.

Parents were there to watch their children and this is what they thought:

Mrs Scanlan - I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Young Voices – certainly not a boy band; a former x-factor contestant; street dancers but most importantly nothing had prepared me for the sight and sound of 7,805 children singing in harmony to songs classical and pop; family favourites and chart toppers.

The children's excitement was tangible and infections. The sense of occasion at singing as part of the planets largest children's choir, in an arena where the world's biggest stars regularly perform captivated one and all.

The pride that the children had in their performance and the pride parents had in their children was a feeling that will not be forgotten; completing an evening to be long be remembered.

Mrs McArthur - The O2 Young Voices concert was such fun! It was uplifting, exhilarating, dynamic, joyful. The children wee really excited about it before and you could see and hear that all through the concert. It was a slick and very organised show. What an experience for the children to be able to say "I sang at the world famous O2 Arena!"

Sam 1817   Sam 1832


Guitar Carol Concert at St Joseph's Court

Children from the Guitar Club were invited to play and sing Carols for the residents at St Joseph's Court. They were really excited and were a real credit to the school. Well done to the all and a big thank you to Steve McHiggins for leading this event.