Pupil Faith Leaders

Laudato Si' Monitors


Pope Francis Laudato Si' is an invitation to everyone on the planet to care for our common home.

In Year 6, we learn about Stewardship in Catholic Social Teaching, which is practical action relating to climate change, the environment and sustainable development. Our Laudato' Si Monitors have very important responsibilities which they carry out everyday

  • ensuring recycling takes place
  • switching off lights and interactive whiteboards that have been left on
  • take part in meetings which discuss environmental action for the school

"It's in our hands to do what is right" - Tyler

" We are stewards of our earth and this starts at school" Carlos

"We all have to take part in protecting the earth" Suvan

"Recycling what we can is important so that materials can be reused." Alanna S


Thank you

Our Mini Vinnies Maria, Annabella and Ife would like to thank you all for your food donations last week.

"Please keep donating for our community!" Annabella 

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Mini Vinnies

It was fantastic to meet with the new Mini Vinnies of this academic year. Our topic in this session was to look at St Oscar Romero and his work for the poor. We looked at our own school experiences and talked about what happens at our school in relation to Poverty and Social Justice.  Here are some of the things the children highlighted:

"Free school meals this year will help families who are struggling with the cost of living crisis." - Sam Year 6

We learn about important people like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King who are important people who fought for justice, so that the world can be more fair." - Maria Year 3

"We raise money for CAFOD which goes to people in different parts of the world" -  Titus Year 6

"We have a food bank which is for people who need food and come to our church." - Teniola Year 5

The Mini Vinnies look forward to working together this year to help others in need


Our Minnie Vinnies

Well done to all the children who applied to be a Mini Vinnie. Here are the selected children who will be our Mini-Vinnies at Our Lady of Grace. 

These children have been chosen because they are role models for their participation in R.E lessons and for how they show their Christianity in all that they do.

  • St Oscar Romero - Sam
  • St Teresa - Titus
  • St Elizabeth - Mujeah
  • St Patrick - Teniola
  • St Martin de Porres - Ifermola
  • St Francis of Assisi - Tife
  • St Peters - Annabella
  • St Martin - Maria



Mini Vinnies Liturgy

The Mini Vinnies proudly welcomed special friends to our Liturgy this afternoon. We had the chance to sing together and pray together. Our focus was friendship and we had the chance to thank God for all the wonderful friends we have at our school

It was great to sit and be grateful for friends. This is something we don't usually get a chance to do in a mixed group - Isaac (St Oscar Romero)

I enjoyed talking about the Gospel and thinking about what individual words and phrases mean for us today - Joseph (St Martin de Porres)

I loved the attention to detail in how it was presented. I was impressed that it was all led by Haggen and Lilo - Sophie (St Teresa)

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Mini-Vinnies Prayer

The Mini Vinnies understand the importance of using our eyes to see and using our hands to do.  They have created their own Mini Vinnies Prayer thinking carefully about their role and responsibilities.

Mv prayer