Year Six

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Year 6. I’m sure it feels like your children were only starting Reception five minutes ago, and here they are starting Year 6!

Expectations of the children:

  • Parents should aim to have their children in school for 8.20am so the children can make the best start to their school day.
  • Please ensure the children are picked up promptly as per the latest COVID-19 guidelines from the school. The office must be notified if you are allowing your child to walk home alone.
  • Children should have their ties done up smartly, with their shirts tucked in. If hair is longer than shoulder length, it should be tied back using a black, white or red hairband. No jewellery is permitted in school, including earrings.
  • Children will need to bring in PE kits school on Monday. PE kits should consist of dark plain trainers, blue shorts, white T-shirt and socks. In the colder months, dark blue tracksuit bottoms and a jumper will be permitted. Please note that girls should not wear tights underneath their shorts. PE kits should be labelled clearly with your child’s name.


  • The text we will be studying this term is called ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ by Michelle Magorian. We will use this text to develop our writing in a variety of genres such as letter writing, poetry and narrative.
  • Your child should be reading aloud to an adult at home at least three times a week. Please sign their reading record to show us this is happening. It would be a great help to your child if you can discuss your child’s book and ask them a variety of questions (see prompt sheets for guidance).
  • Please encourage your child to review the books they read as this will help them to develop their skills of critical thinking and comprehension.
  • Over the course of Year Six, the children will be developing their vocabulary, improving their punctation and grammar, and working on the structure of their writing.


  • In Maths this term, the children will be covering place value, addition, subtraction,multiplication, division, fractions and position and direction (please see attached copy of end of year expectations). The children will also be improving their arithmetic skills weekly, which will help them to prepare for their SATs tests at the end of the year and also make them faster mathematicians, being able to spot connections between different areas of maths.


  • In Religious Education this term, the children will be learning about The Kingdom of God. 
  • In Humanities the children will be studying History and learning more about WorldWar 2.

In Science the children will be looking at Animals, including Humans, focusing
specifically on the circulatory system and keeping healthy.


Every Friday your child will be given homework to complete for the following Tuesday. It is important that the children hand their homework in on time as they will have spelling tests every week based on their spelling lists. All homework books have a copy of the homework policy inside the front cover. Please remember to check over and sign your child’s homework so we know that you have seen it.

If you have any concerns or anything you would like to discuss, please email the school office who will forwards all communication to me.

I hope your child has a truly wonderful year, learning lots and having fun, and that I cancan be part of some lovely, lasting memories of their time at Our Lady of Grace!

Thank you very much for your warm welcome and support.

If you have any queries or need to get in contact with us, please send an email to the address below:

School email:

Yours sincerely,

Gillian Antwi

Class Teacher