Year 6 - Oscar Romero

Junior Citizens

Year 6 Oscar Romero had a brilliant day at Sutcliffe Park where they had the chance to learn all about being Junior Citizens of London. During the visit, they took part in interactive workshops with the police, London Fire Brigade and ambulance service. They also learned how to safely approach dogs as well as how to cross roads safety. A fantastic day of learning and fun.

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School Journey to Sayers Croft

Year 6 spent two nights enjoying acres of woodlands, meadows, ponds and fields at Sayers Croft.  During their action packed stay, the children enjoyed orienteering, building a shelter as well as wall climbing.  It was a wonderful opportunity for children to demonstrate our Core Virtues of friendship, cooperation and courage in a practical setting.  Most importantly, our Year 6's had the chance to create magical memories with their friends which we hope will last a lifetime.

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STEM Workshop

On Thursday Year 6 were visited by Obi and Tina from Network Rail who facilitated a STEM workshop with us. It was an insightful experience where we were able to learn about all their different projects; old, new and future, and the importance of their work for the railway system in the United Kingdom. The children were also keen to learn about all the different positions available at Network Rail and even got a chance to put their skills to use and create their own structure as a group.

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Mini Vinnies

On Tuesday 15th of October Alec from the St Vincent de Paul Society came to Our Lady of Grace to share with us the wonderful work of Minnie Vinnies.

Year 6 participated in an eye opening workshop where they explored first-hand the perils and difficulties of being homeless. This was followed by a whole school assembly where we learnt about what Minnie Vinnies stand for and their mission in the local community. 

Minnie Vinnies is the youth based sub-division of St Vincent de Paul who..."Meeting once a week or fortnightly either during lunchtimes or after school, Mini Vinnies members gather and pray together in their schools, to talk about those around them who need our help, and think of ways they can help those people"

Here's what Alec had to say about his visit:

Wonderful! The class were very well behaved and made two excellent shelters. It was also very clear when talking to the children that you have maintained a good Catholic ethos. I know you will do exceptionally well with the Mini Vinnies. I can't wait to hear about your future projects.

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KPMG Global Cyber Day

On 8th October, Year 6 had the pleasure of Ann and Ben from KPMG coming in to talk to us about Cyber Safety. It was an interesting workshop with lots of new information and reminders on keeping safe when online. The children were thoroughly engaged throughout and enjoyed contributing their ideas and experiences such as changing passwords every few months and ensuring your passwords are unique and do not contain personal information such as your date of birth.

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Kpmg cyber day 2019