Year 1 - St David's

St David's


As a class, we discussed what happens during Lent.  We thought about different acts of kindness which we can do such as giving to charity.  We then wrote our Lenten promises and a prayer to God to help us during Lent.

St David's Sample of Work

This term in Year 1, we have been looking at instruction texts. As a class we explored the different features such as using time words and how they are bossy! We used these skills and wrote some instructions for 'How to make a jam sandwich.'  Please click on the link below to view samples of work.

St David's Sample of Work

In English we have been reading 'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterfield.  After reading the story, we explored the difference characters and how they might have felt in different situations.  We then worked on using adjectives to describe the different animals.

St David's sample of work


In Year 1 we have been reading Wild by Emily Hughes.

During this topic we have explored different themes of wilderness,home,families and friends. We have taken time to identify with a character's emotions, acted out how they could have felt at different parts of the story and finally, written our own wild adventure.

Please click on the link below to view the samples of work:

St David's - sample of work